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3 Areas with the Most Affordable Homes in Mumbai

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Posted on
May 25, 2023

Known as the financial capital of India, Mumbai is not only a bustling hub for commerce but also a vibrant centre of entertainment. The financial capital is one of India's most expensive cities for all the great reasons. Housing some of the most renowned industrialists, celebrities, and multi-billionaires, Mumbai offers an exceptional lifestyle.

However, there are also a plethora of options for people belonging to the middle class who wish to own a sweet little home here. And if you are one of them, we have compiled a selection of the most affordable homes in Mumbai that will cater to all your essential needs without burdening your finances:

  • Borivali

Borivali, known as the 'suburb of gardens,' is one of the most cost-effective areas to live in Mumbai. With an average price of ₹21,011 per square foot, it offers affordable homes in Mumbai without compromising essential amenities. Its strategic location makes it particularly advantageous for those commuting to the CST area, as a quick 45-minute local train ride connects the two regions.

Apart from its affordability, Borivali is well-equipped with a wide range of facilities. It boasts numerous colleges, schools, hospitals, and an array of restaurants, ensuring residents have access to essential services and a vibrant social scene.

  • Goregaon

Goregaon, situated along the Western line, was once limited to a handful of residential complexes. However, things have changed quite a lot lately. Today, Goregaon offers some of the best and most affordable homes in Mumbai. With an average price of ₹19,971 per square foot, Goregaon emerges as an attractive option for those seeking more affordable residential options. With lower property costs, developers are capitalising on this opportunity by constructing large township projects and smaller complexes, aiming to provide high-quality housing and amenities for the middle-class population in the long run.

Also, the neighbourhood is now experiencing rapid growth as developers tap into the advantages this region has to offer. One of the primary drivers behind Goregaon's expansion is the affordability factor, as other areas, like the Bandra-Andheri belt, have become financially out of reach for many individuals.

  • Kandivali

Kandivali, previously recognised as Khandolee, is a neighbourhood situated in North Mumbai. Positioned within the suburban region, it is swiftly establishing itself as a thriving locale for prospective homebuyers. Kandivali offers a host of amenities that cater to diverse needs. The area provides convenient access to medical facilities, ensuring quality healthcare for the elderly.

With an average price of ₹17,249 per square foot, Kandivali presents an attractive opportunity for new buyers seeking affordable housing options. As the area continues to grow, Kandivali emerges as an enticing prospect for individuals looking to settle in a rapidly developing and well-connected locality within Mumbai.


There is a huge variety of affordable homes in Mumbai that will fit your budget and elevate your standard of living. As the city continues to evolve, these neighbourhoods provide a balance between affordability, convenience, and quality living, making them attractive choices for individuals seeking cost-effective housing options in Mumbai. We hope these hand-picked options will help you in your house hunt and will assist you in finding your dream home in Mumbai very soon!



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