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Which Colour is Best For Your Bedroom as Per Vastu? Here's a List

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Posted on
Jan 12, 2024

Here are some key principles of Vastu that homebuyers should consider:

  • Site Selection - The plot's location, shape and orientation can impact positive energy flow. Northeast, east and north-facing plots are considered most auspicious. Avoid sites with negative features like pylons or highway intersections nearby.
  • Layout - The interior layout should allow for proper movement and energy flow. A kitchen in the southeast, bedrooms in the southwest, study in the northwest are recommended. The centre should be kept open.
  • Direction - The main entrance should ideally face east or north, allowing nourishing morning sunrays to enter. The directions also represent elements - east (sun), west (water), north (air) and south (fire) which should guide room locations.
  • Proportions - Use balanced proportions like 1:2 or 1:4 ratios for room sizes. Avoid irregular shapes.
  • Materials - Natural materials like wood and stone enhance positive energy. Avoid artificial materials or sharp edges/points.
  • Lighting - Homes should allow maximum natural light and proper ventilation.
  • Alignment - All structures on the site should be aligned symmetrically and not cut into the ground.
  • Corrections - As per Vastu, remedies like mirrors, lights, fountains, etc., can be applied if any part of the home has defects.

In this blog post, we will delve into bedroom colours as per Vastu, providing insights on creating a harmonious and balanced environment for a restful sleep.

1. Blue for silence:
The colour blue represents the concept of tranquillity, which is often associated with peace, tranquillity and peace. According to Vaastu, this is an ideal bed choice as it encourages peace and relaxation. Consider adding shades of blue, such as light sky blue or calm water, to create a calming atmosphere that encourages restful sleep Soft blues are believed to help reduce stress and anxiety, making it ideal for those looking for a peaceful break in their bedroom.

2. Green for goodness sake:
Green symbolises nature, growth and balance. According to architectural principles, green is considered a harmonious and balanced colour that creates a sense of well-being. It is believed to affect mental health and emotional stability. Choose muted greens or pastels to create a relaxed atmosphere in your bedroom. Incorporating plants or artwork from nature into cabinets can make all architectural designs more harmonious and bring the tranquil essence of nature into a room.

3. Lavender for spiritual balance:
Lavender is often associated with spirituality and balance. It is believed that the purple shade in Vastu creates a connection with the divine and contributes to peaceful sleep. Lavender is recommended for individuals who want a bedroom colour that supports spiritual practices such as meditation or prayer. To incorporate lavender into your bedroom, choose a bed, rug, or accent piece that matches the overall colour scheme while providing a cosy environment conducive to self-exploration.

4. Brown for consistency:
Brown is a grounding and solid colour, representing the earth element in architecture. When used in the bedroom, shades of brown can evoke a sense of security and comfort, creating the perfect atmosphere for restful sleep. Warm dark chocolate or taupe tones are great choices to bring earthy energy into your bedroom. Consider adding wooden furniture or natural materials to enhance the landscape and create a balanced space harmonising with architecture.

5. Red for Desire:
While red is not usually recommended for primary bedroom colours in architecture, it can be used strategically as a verbal expression to add a touch of joy and romance and associate red with the element of fire it was believed to stimulate energy and desire. Use red as an accessory in pillow throws, artwork, or bedding to add a little cheer to the bedroom without overwhelming the space This technique ensures a strong energy, if available in red, matches the architectural principles while still adding a little romance to your own paradise.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, choosing bedroom colours as per Vastu is a considered and deliberate process that goes beyond individual preferences. By matching your bedroom colour scheme with architectural suggestions, you can create a harmonious and balanced space that encourages restful sleep, mental well-being and spiritual connection. Whether you choose soothing blues, invigorating greens, soothing lavenders, earthy blues, or romantic reds, each colour has a different effect on the energy flowing into your bedroom

While keeping in mind that balance is important, aim to create an environment that reflects your personal style while staying true to sustainable building principles. Experiment with different shades, textures and decor elements to find the perfect bedroom colour as per Vastu palette that suits your tastes and helps send a positive and harmonious energy into your sanctuary.