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Serenity in Shades: Choosing Vastu-Compliant Bedroom Colours for Optimal Relaxation

Blox Social
Posted on
Aug 16, 2023

The art of Vastu Shastra has long been valued in the pursuit of harmonious living for its profound impact on our surroundings. The choice of the best colour for bedroom, as per Vastu, is one of the many crucial elements of interior design. The investigation of the ideal colour for the bedroom, as per Vastu, a practice that digs into the interaction of hues and energies to foster a peaceful and balanced environment, has arisen from the need for tranquillity and repose within our sanctuaries.

Vastu, an old Indian architectural theory, emphasises the use of colour in our living spaces, especially the bedroom, which is associated with relaxation and renewal. According to this complex concept, some colours can arouse or calm our senses, affecting our feelings and thoughts. One may be able to open a realm of profound relaxation and peace by matching the bedroom's colours to Vastu principles, improving their quality of life overall.

Vastu Shastra's Core Principles: Balancing Energies for Well-being

The holistic philosophy of Vastu Shastra, which integrates art, science, and spirituality, acknowledges that the environments we live in have a significant influence on our well-being. Its guiding concepts seek to harmonise our homes' energies with the cosmos' energy, creating a harmonious balance that promotes our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. This principle applies equally to the bedroom, where we spend a large amount of our life.

The following hues correspond with the peace and tranquillity necessary in a bedroom, according to Vastu principles:

Blue hues: Blue is a colour that is frequently connected to tranquillity and calmness. Light blue hues like sky blue and powder blue in the bedroom promote relaxation and serenity. These hues inspire a feeling of openness and space, which encourages relaxation. Blue is associated with the water element in Vastu and represents harmony and fluidity. Therefore, it is considered the best colour for the bedroom, as per Vastu.

Soft Greens: Green is another hue that works nicely in a bedroom setting. Feelings of peace and balance can be induced by soft, muted greens that suggest natural tones. These hues are said to have a relaxing impact on the brain and can aid in a sound night's sleep. Green is a colour that represents development and rejuvenation in Vastu. Therefore, Green is the second best colour for the bedroom, as per Vastu.

Subtle Lavender: Lavender has a peaceful and gentle atmosphere, making it a wonderful bedroom choice. This colour can promote relaxation because it has a calming effect on the mind. Vastu's goal to design an environment that nurtures both the physical and spiritual sides of life aligns with lavender's associations with calmness and spiritual well-being.

Neutral Tones: A calm environment can also be produced in the bedroom by using soft, neutral colours like beige, cream, or light grey. These hues have a classic appeal and can be used to create a calming atmosphere. A sense of simplicity and purity is evoked by neutrals, which is in keeping with Vastu's emphasis on establishing an environment free from overwhelming stimuli.


Choosing the best colour for the bedroom, as per Vastu, is important when planning your interiors. It can help create a peaceful and relaxing environment. A Vastu-compliant bedroom's colour and energy balance influence more than just the room's appearance; it also affects its character. The bedroom transforms into a blank canvas for rest, renewal, and inner calm as Vastu principles direct us towards synchronising our living spaces with the cycles of the universe.

The process of choosing bedroom colours that are Vastu-compliant requires mindfulness because every shade has the power to affect how we feel and how we think. Consider the calming effects of blues, greens, lavenders, and neutrals as you choose the colour scheme for your bedroom walls. These hues aren't just pigments but also energy channels that can turn your bedroom into a tranquil haven. By including Vastu's knowledge and applying it to your colour selections, you may create an environment where the nuances of hues complement the nuances of your well-being. So, enjoy the symphony of energies that vibrate within your Vastu-compliant bedroom and let your selected colours' tranquillity create a landscape of rest.