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How Check if Your Apartment is Vastu Compliant?

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Posted on
Feb 15, 2023

A home is where you feel at peace after a long, tiring work day. It is the culmination of your aspirations, a symbol of your success, and a nest for your family to grow and prosper. When you decide to buy a residential property and turn it into a home, there are a number of aspects that are on top of your list of priorities. Getting the finances right, finding the right location and amenities, and checking the must-verify documents before purchasing – these are some of the things that you consider. But is the flat Vastu compliant?

Vastu guidelines and principles help make your home a happy and joyful residence. It harmonises the energies that make up our lives and bring health, happiness, and success to every member living in the home.

Here are Vastu tips for apartments that help you check if your new home is compliant.

  • Check the home entrance - According to Vastu guidelines, the home entrance should face northeast. This is the ideal direction to receive the first rays of the sun and for positive energy to enter the home. If this is not feasible, the apartment entrance should face east or north. The main door should be larger than other doors and made of simple but sturdy material. The entrance area should also be well-lit and allow for the free flow of energy.
  • Placement of the kitchen - According to Vastu shastra, the ideal placement of the kitchen is towards the southeast or northwest direction of the home. Before you buy the apartment, you may want to check that the kitchen is not in the southwest direction. It is also recommended that the fire element and water are not on the same platforms. This means the kitchen hob, oven, or chimney should not be located near the faucet or sink. An L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen is considered ideal.
  • Balconies and open spaces - In the modern apartment-style home, your balcony is your haven. It is the open space you can sit and sip on your tea without interruptions, grow green plants in, and get your dose of sunlight on a cold winter day. According to Vastu Shastra, the slope of the balcony roof should slope to the north or east. The balcony should not be dark and deprived of natural sunlight. There should be no balcony to the west as this is the direction of sunset and creates disharmony in the household.
  • Vastu for the master bedroom - The main bedroom of the home should ideally be located in the southwest corner. Most flats in Mumbai are built to accommodate a number of factors, and this specification may not be possible. So, it is necessary to check that the master bedroom is not located in the northeast corner, which causes career stagnation, health disorders, and losses to the head of the family. It is also a good idea to have a master bedroom with windows that face east or north.
  • Children's Room - Compliance with the Vastu principles can help your child grow into a healthy, focused, and successful young adult. The southwest of the house is the ideal direction for the placement of the children's room. The study area should face east, north, or northeast for academic success. A clean, uncluttered children's room brings focus and concentration.

Developer insights and designing

Trusted and verified developers are often upfront about the Vastu guidelines followed in the construction of apartments in their projects. Some of the top developers of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and other major cities use designers who follow basic Vastu principles. It is also a reality that the construction of modern apartment buildings makes it impossible for all flats to be Vastu compliant. Developers often designate one or two flats per floor which are built to comply with Vastu principles regarding the direction of entrance or placement of kitchen etc. You may want to buy these apartments. Very often, interior designers help homeowners remodel their homes to be Vastu compliant. Making basic changes, picking the right colours, placing furniture in the right places etc., can go a long way in incorporating Vastu shastra guidelines into your home design.

Getting the Blox advantage

As a consumer-centric online portal, we at Blox help homeowners find the right match with regard to location, budget, amenities, and facilities. We bring you RERA-registered projects from some of the top developers in Mumbai who have a track record of delivering high-quality residential apartments on time. Partnering with Blox will help you find expert guidance from our relationship managers. Your Blox RM will help you find builders and developers who adopt Vastu guidelines in project designing and construction and who are able to offer you Vastu-compliant apartments to suit your requirements.