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Make Your Home Vastu Compliant With These Tips

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Posted on
Dec 12, 2022

Vastu is the ancient Indian tradition of architecture and home design. References to the principles of Vastu shastra date back to the 6th century CE. The science of Vastu focuses on making the best of the five essential elements - fire, earth, water, air, and space - and using them to enhance health and harmony in the household.  Following the principles of Vastu in designing and building projects brings success, wealth, and joy into the lives of the residents. Most of the reputed real estate developers in India incorporate Vastu practices into project designs. 

In the modern age of flats and apartments, it may not be feasible to practice Vastu shastra building principles in its entirety.

Nevertheless, some simple tips can make your home Vastu compliant and attract success, health, abundance, and happiness.

  • Foyer and entrance design - If you pick out your luxury flat in Thane or any other up-and-coming Mumbai neighbourhood, you may want to opt for a flat with a north or east-facing entrance. Vastu scriptures refer to the northeast as the auspicious Ishan Kon, the direction of the Gods. Using high-quality wood and a simple design for the main door is a good idea. Placing a nameplate helps attract opportunities, and keeping the foyer area well-lit and clean brings positive energies into the home.
  • Proper ventilation – The importance of ventilation cannot be stressed enough. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and large windows let in the fresh air, significantly improving indoor air quality. According to Vastu diktats, a home should be open to the elements. Doors and windows should be kept clean and dust free. This allows all the negative energies to escape and attracts abundance and opportunities for those who live in the home. If you live in a 2BHK in Thane or one of the greener suburbs of Mumbai, you may also want to add a few plants to your balcony.
  • Keep mirrors away from bedrooms - Vastu scriptures dictate that mirrors are best kept away from the bedroom. If this seems complicated, given your home design, it is best to avoid placing a mirror facing the bed. When a mirror is positioned to reflect the bed, it contributes to insomnia, deflects personal energy, and creates an imbalance. So if you must have a mirror or a dressing table in the bedroom, it is a good idea to point it away from the bed.
  • Home maintenance - Not only does Vastu teach us about setting up a beautiful and vibrant home bursting with positive energy, but it also teaches us the value of maintaining the home space. It is important to place a tulsi (holy basil) plant near the entrance or in the balcony area. Broken mirrors, idols, cutlery, and crockery must be discarded promptly as they attract unfavourable conditions. All watches and clocks in the household must be kept in working condition. Similarly, dripping taps drain finances; they must be repaired immediately.
  • Vastu for kitchens – According to Vastu scriptures, the fire element belongs to the south-eastern direction. This means that the kitchen should ideally be located southeast of the home. If this is not practical, it is a good idea to place the stove, heaters, and heating appliances like an oven in the southeast of the kitchen itself. The stove and water sink, pots, water purifier, or tap should not be placed on the same counter. The kitchen should be painted with bright, vibrant colours for health and happiness.
  • Home offices and study rooms - The best direction for a home office or study is to the east of your home. Do not place the work or study table directly under a cabinet or beam. The northern wall is the best to display certificates and showcase trophies. Light pastel shades and lemon yellow are good colours for productivity and success.

Vastu shastra teaches us clean, simple, nature-friendly living. For example, adding a windchime, placing an aquarium, lighting earthen lamps, and burning fragrant herbs or incense keeps the home energies positive. Following simple cleaning and beautification practices attract happiness and joy into the household.