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3 Protocols to be Followed Before Purchasing a Flat in Mumbai

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Posted on
Mar 15, 2023

If you plan on buying an apartment in Mumbai, there’s more you consider apart from just browsing the internet to spot the best property. You should follow certain protocols to ensure you invest in legitimate property. 

For considering affordable residential options, people often look for flats in Goregaon East, Malad, Dahisar, Andheri or other parts of Mumbai. Even in this case, you must follow specific protocols or approach methods. 

So, this blog gives you insight into some of the important protocols you must follow regarding buying a property in Mumbai. 

1. Using Legitimate Sources to Find the Available Apartments

The first protocol for buying a flat in Mumbai is to prefer legitimate sources to search for properties around favourable locations in the city. You can find database platforms to connect with owners willing to sell their properties at reasonable pricing. 

Try and connect with realtors who handle the listing of flats in Mumbai. Depending upon your preferences on select localities, they will help you with great options. 

Finding legitimate sources is of utmost importance because you don’t want to end up buying a property that’s not maintained well through the course of time. Buying a house and spending lakhs of rupees renovating it from scratch will be upsetting for your budget. 

Following that, your investment should also reap financially appreciating benefits. And that is possible when your flat is located in a thriving locality and within a reputed apartment building.  

Therefore, you must convey to your agents to recommend properties based on your specific requirements and amenities. It might be a convenient process to have a professional search and filter healthy and maintained properties for you. 

2. Consider the Various Financing Options

For buying a property in Mumbai, you will likely be taking a home loan, a common practice among people. One of the critical protocols is to consider suitable financing options to ensure you don’t face any problems in the long run. 

Some of the financing options you can avail for buying flats in Goregaon East, Andheri East, Malabar Hill or other parts of Mumbai are:

·        Mortgage loans

·        Home loans

·        Personal loans

·        Lease rent discounting

·        Construction loans

You need to spend some time on this aspect here! Shop around and compare the loan options and interest rates being charged on it. Do not let people check your credit score unless you understand their loan policies correctly. You can contact a mortgage broker or financial advisor to help you with suggestions on getting the best financing service to meet your needs. 

3. Check Necessary Documents Before Investing in Flats of Mumbai

Buying a flat comes at a cost, and it is also crucial to ensure that all original documents are readily available and prove the property's genuineness. These documents are of utmost importance to prove the ownership of your house upon transfer and also to get a loan from financial institutions. 

Some of the documents that you should source from the previous owner of the property that is on resale are:

·        Title Report- Get a Title Search at the nearest registrar’s office to retrieve specific documents to determine the flat’s history. When done, you will get a detailed report with an analysis of the flat. 

·        NOC- The bank offers no Objection Certificate to ensure that the owner does not mortgage the property against any loan. It also ensures that the previous owner completes the repayment for the property. 

·        Approval Certificate- Source the approval certificate from the owner or the municipal authority. It is to ensure that the building construction is legal! 

·        Occupancy Certificate- Municipal authorities assign this certificate to properties once they are ready to move in. The owners must have a copy of this certificate, which they should hand you upon ownership transfer. 

·        Encumbrance Certificate- Encumbrance Certificate, or EC, is a document that states the property has no pending dues. Hence, it also determines that its title is clear and the property is marketable for sale. 

·        Tax Paid Receipts- Check the latest tax receipts before considering buying flats in Goregaon East, Malad, Andheri, Borivali or others. With this, you will be sure there are no outstanding dues on the property. You will be sure of the fact that the previous owner paid taxes on time. 

·        Title Deed- Title Deed signifies the sale & transfer of ownership of property ownership from the seller to the buyer. It will have all the basic information about the buyer, seller and property. 

·        Sale Deed- The Sale Deed is the prime ownership proof used for selling off the property in the future. 

·        Possession Certificate- It is required only when you are buying a resale flat that was built privately. 


You should follow these three evident protocols to buy the best flats in Mumbai. Checking the documents is the most crucial part because it will ensure you are investing your money in the legal property of Mumbai. There are also society-specific documents, which will be provided to you by the registered society. 

The pricing of the property will also depend on whether you intend to live in a premium or affordable locality in Mumbai. So, decide on it, and follow the protocols to smoothen your home-buying process. 

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