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3 Tips to Draw a Two Bedroom House Plan Offering a Stunning View

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Posted on
Apr 26, 2023

A house plan serves as a visual aid to conceptualise a building or modifications to an existing one. It provides an overview of the space usage, including the layout of the rooms, the entry points, and how one moves through the rooms.

In addition to this, home buyers and sellers use floor plans as a tool for planning, especially when designing or selling a new house. These plans are scaled diagrams that showcase the dimensions of individual rooms, floors, or entire buildings, providing a solid foundation for planning electrical wiring, plumbing, drainage, and furniture arrangement so that the residents lead a comfortable lifestyle.

Here are some important tips that will help you design two-bedroom house plans and will not only offer you some amazing views but will also ensure an elevated way of living:

Know Your Requirements

Gathering stakeholders to determine the required features and amenities is a crucial step in creating a house plan. Important considerations include the number of floors needed, the required number of bedrooms, the living room's location and proximity to a nearby toilet, the number of kitchens and their features, the dining hall layout, the type and location of bathrooms and toilets, the need for a storeroom or pooja room, and garage requirements. Additionally, open spaces, basements, and balconies may also be included in the house plan.

Include Furniture and Fixture Layout

Whether you are building a new house or renovating your existing one, you need to ensure that the new house plan can easily incorporate your furniture pieces, such as tables, couches, bookshelves, and more. Moreover, you need to ensure that the new plan will help you in assigning spaces for electrical wiring, phone jacks, HVAC units, outlets, and drainage systems. By carefully noting the location of these items in the room and calculating their space requirements, you can avoid interference with other features of your house.

Evaluate The Area

Once you have gathered all the requirements for your house plan, the next step is to evaluate the plot. This will help you ensure whether or not all your requirements can be fulfilled in the given plot configurations.

1. Direction

Direction plays a major role when it comes to building a house plan, especially when you are planning for some spectacular views. Generally, house plans are designed keeping the North direction in mind. So, be sure that your first determine the plot's direction using a compass. This will help you ensure that the house's layout is aligned correctly and will even bring in a good amount of natural lighting. Moreover, this direction would be good if you have specific Vastu requirements as well.

2. Location

Another essential factor to consider when evaluating the plot is its location. You should plan the entrance of the house towards the road-facing side of the plot. If the plot is located on a corner, you can have the entrance in any of the two perpendicular directions. Something similar if a plot has roads on opposite two sides, you can build two house entrances.

3. Surroundings and Open Sides

Next, you need to evaluate the surrounding and open sides of the plot, as this can significantly impact your house plan. If one of the open sides includes parks, pastures, or gardens, you would want to build your balcony or patio in the same direction. This will help you look at the amazing views right from your house. Moreover, the open sides will help you in picking the suitable location for windows and ventilators as well. Not to mention, this feature will be crucial in ensuring that your house gets ample natural light and airflow.

4. Shape of the Plot

Another important characteristic that you need to consider while building a house plan is the shape of the plot. Usually, homebuyers are on the lookout for rectangular or square-shaped plots. While this is a standard shape, it is also preferred as they tend to have a lower cost of construction. Moreover, these shapes can easily incorporate a functional layout. Additionally, these shapes are often considered to be more Vastu compliant.

5. Area of the Plot

Finally, you need to measure the plot sides and calculate the plot area accurately. You can take the help of an expert to measure the plot or do it yourself using a tape measure. Accurate measurements will help you design a layout that is well-suited to the plot's shape and size, ensuring that your house plan is functional and practical.


A house plan will help you a lot in ensuring a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle in your new 2BHK flat. Although designing two-bedroom house plans that also offer amazing views from your balcony and patio requires quite a bit of effort and time, a well-designed house plan is truly worth it! With these tips, you will be to create a functional yet pleasing house plan for your new abode!