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3 Ways in How Artificial Plants Are Beneficial in Vastu

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Posted on
Jul 30, 2023

Vastu Shastra, or Vastu as it is commonly referred to, is the set of principles and beliefs about architecture and design followed in India since ancient times. Hence it is not surprising that a large percentage of people follow the rules of Vastu Shastra even today for designing and decorating their homes and offices.

When it comes to décor, plants play an essential role according to the principles of Vastu. They create a feeling of freshness and enhance the positive energy of the home. Placing green leafy plants or flowering plants in the right direction inside the house can go a long way in enhancing its beauty and also make the space more pleasant and welcoming. Money plants, Tulsi, and Shami, are some common Vastu plants recommended for placing in homes.  

Artificial Plants And Vastu 

Most people today prefer to use artificial plants as a part of their home décor for various reasons. Even though such plants are not recommended according to the principles of Vastu, this ancient science does offer specific rules for placing such plants. With proper care and the right placement, artificial plants can prove beneficial in the following ways.

For Counteracting Negative Energy

Artificial plants can be used to cover or camouflage sources of negative energy within a space. These may include ruined or damaged walls and floors, a cluttered corner, or even a piece of broken furniture. Placing bright and beautiful artificial plants around such defective areas can help restore the beauty of the space besides blocking the negative energies to make the space more calming and pleasing. 

Ensures Consistent Growth And Prosperity

One of the most significant benefits of placing artificial plants in homes is that they represent consistent growth, prosperity, and abundance. Unlike natural plants, artificial plants do not wilt and dry up, which tends to create negative energy within the house. However, artificial plants do not face any such issues and, with proper care, can stay green and beautiful for a long time. Hence they help in maintaining a consistently soothing and positive environment inside the home, which helps in enhancing overall growth and prosperity. 

Creating A Balance Of Elements

Placing Vastu plants inside a home is considered necessary for creating a balance of five essential elements, namely earth, water, fire, air, and space. However, many homes are not suitable for placing natural plants indoors as they lack enough sunlight and ventilation. Placing artificial plants can provide a great way to overcome this challenge by adding the element of wood and earth to the indoor space. According to the guidelines of Vastu, wood and soil are essential for creating a sense of stability and grounding. 

Essential Guidelines To Follow For Placing Artificial Plants 

As mentioned before, Vastu offers specific guidelines for placing artificial plants indoors. Following these guidelines is the key to enjoying the above-discussed benefits of placing such plants in the house. Failure to adhere to these guidelines can negatively impact the energy and environment within the home. The most important of these guidelines are given below. 

Choose Realistic-Looking Artificial Plants

When decorating the interiors with artificial plants, it is advisable to choose plants that are as realistic looking as possible. This helps in retaining the semblance of live plants and maintaining a balance of positive energy in the indoor environment. Moreover, realistic-looking plants add unique beauty to the space making it more cosy and inviting. 

Keep The Plants Clean

Another vital guideline for placing artificial plants indoors is to keep them clean and dust free. The plants are often made from durable materials that can easily be wiped clean with the help of a moist cloth. Minimising dust accumulation helps to prevent the growth of negative energy and also helps to maintain the beauty and appeal of the plants. 

Replace The Plants Regularly

To enjoy all these benefits of artificial Vastu plants indoors, it is advisable to replace them periodically. This is because the artificial plants keep absorbing the negative energy without having any way of dispensing the same, like real plants, which tend to wither and die. Hence replacing these plants is the only way to remove the accumulated negative energy from any space. 


Adhering to the concepts and provisions of Vastu Shastra while decorating the interiors with artificial plants is essential for maintaining peace, abundance, and harmony in the home.