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3D Technology in Real-Estate and Construction: Exploring the Scope of Technology in the Real-Estate Sector

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Posted on
Mar 27, 2023

The idea of owning an affordable home in India is no longer a vain dream! With the consistent growth of 3D construction technology, the face of real estate will peak at the graph. 
—Nabarun Mondal, Chief Technology Officer

3D technology, also known as additive technology, is quite exciting and has several applications for real estate utilization of today and the future. Technology is now an integral tool for the entire real estate community. It has now changed the fact of how people view and buy homes. Not just that, but it is also helping the developers ease their overall construction process. 

In this article, you will get an insight into how 3D technology is helping the construction and real estate sector optimally. 

What is the Impact of 3D Technology in the Construction and Real Estate Sector?

Property developers are using 3D technology to increase the speed of construction and reduce the overall dependency on manual labour. 3D printing technology is reshaping the entire property construction sector and is introducing quality and cost-saving approaches.

3D technology being used in construction is a method of constructing a building using dedicated printing solutions. When integrated into real-time, super-size 3D printers are brought to use. These printers use a unique composite mixture and concrete, usually thicker than the standard mixes. 

Hence, this allows the mixture to be properly set in the dedicated sections. High-tech specialized 3D printers are required for this technology utilization. The machine can also be transmuted into semi-automated or automated production lines.

Property developers use this technology to create a specific construction component or prefer printing out the entire property. With 3D tech, real estate developers can now construct properties even in smaller spaces where traditional construction wasn't possible. 
There's still a lot of innovation being involved in refining this technology, and it is still in the early phase of development. The innovations being implemented in this utilization are primarily based on green construction materials and 3D technology. 

In the future, as 3D construction tech will replace the current technologies, then developers and home buyers can expect cosmetic changes in the properties. With such a technology, the construction process will be smoothened, and the buildings' design will be more futuristic. 

Here are some other ways that will determine the scope of 3D technology in the construction and real estate sector:

1. The Home Building Costs will be Lowered!

3D printing machines might be expensive, but the overall construction cost will be less than the traditional processes. Earlier, the total construction cost comprised labour, logistics, material, shortages, weather issues, etc. 

On the other hand, 3D technology makes it easy for the proper developers to source materials and components for building houses. A small house can be built with 3D technology without much labour. Thus, this technology, indeed, is a game changer!

2. The Housing Crisis will be Solved!

A persisting challenge for real estate developers was to develop affordable homes faster. It is because not everyone can or want to buy a luxury or premium apartment within a gated community loaded with amenities. 

But, with 3D printing technology, building affordable houses in large numbers has become feasible. The economically challenged population will now have better chances of finding affordable yet quality homes. 

3. The Property Designs will be Pretty Unique!

Along with using 3D technology in the construction and real estate sector, you can expect to attain unique and custom property designs. The developers will have the scope to think beyond the usual floor plan theories and bring out something more creative and alluring for the home buyers. 

The days are possibly near when home buyers will call developers and tell architects about the unique house, villa or property design they have in mind. Hence, this will reduce the meeting time with contractors to discuss random and boring floor plans. Instead, the methods will be tested! 

3D technology enables property developers and architects to run experiments and find new ways to accomplish creative and unique property designs. The best thing, above all, is people can now determine their living standards as per their preferences. 

4. Enables the Ideology of Offsite Construction

With 3D technology, real estate developers can also seek to build properties or homes in parts at different locations. These parts can then be shipped and combined in a specific location to complete the development project. 

Well, the construction becomes tedious and strenuous due to various weather challenges. Dealing with climatic challenges becomes a significant cause of delays in project completion. Therefore, with 3D technology, it is feasible for the developers to construct the different components or parts in convenient locations where the weather is right. 

Upon completion, the parts can be moved to the actual construction site and assembled to build homes conveniently without any delays. 

Moreover, offsite construction also helps the developers reduce waste production at the main construction site, reducing the overall chaos. 


The traditional construction approach will soon be completely replaced with modern 3D solutions. The proptech implementation is at a rapid pace and is being utilized across all domains. 

From offering virtual property tours to home buyers through platforms like Blox to delivering 3D-printed buildings, proptech is almost everywhere. 

So, it's time for home buyers to expect to buy affordable houses of their desired preferences in the future. Let's wait and experience how real estate utilizes 3D printing and other such proptech solutions in the near future. 

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