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4 Types of Wall Clocks Giving Your Home an Aesthetic Look

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Posted on
Aug 9, 2023

One of the most vital items in a household that adds aesthetic value as well as functionality is a wall clock. Wall clocks can instantly liven up even the plainest and most uninteresting walls. These beautiful timepieces can function as decorative elements to infuse life into vacant and drab walls.

Apart from their practical purpose, an exquisite wall clock carries an aesthetic charm. When carefully selected to harmonize with the interior design theme, the clock's design, material, and font can bring a refreshing touch. You can easily elevate the overall look of your 2 BHK in Mumbai by introducing vibrant clock pieces that add a pop of colour. There is a wide array of wall clocks, from digital ones to alarm clocks. We are going to highlight all the options to help you pick the one that ticks all the right boxes for you:

Pendulum Clock

A pendulum clock is a timekeeping device that operates by swinging a weight. The exact time of the weight's back-and-forth swing is determined by the length of the pendulum. The advantage of using a pendulum for timekeeping lies in its smooth and nearly harmonious oscillation. Beyond their functional purpose, pendulum clocks can also serve as a decorative addition to your space.

This can augment the look of any wall in your room instantly. Pendulum clocks are usually bigger in size, which add up to their overall grandeur as well. Usually, people prefer putting them up in a larger space like the living room, lobby, or the dining area.

Cuckoo Clock

A cuckoo clock introduces a playful twist to the fusion of a wall clock and a pendulum clock. When the hour strikes, these clocks offer a sound resembling the call of a cuckoo bird. Furthermore, some models feature a robotic bird that emerges from the clock and takes flight in synchrony with the music. The bird's wings and beak might exhibit movement in certain clocks, while in others, a forward tilt is the extent of its motion.

Perfectly suited for adding an offbeat touch to an eclectic-themed room, cuckoo clocks come in an array of whimsical designs that go beyond just motifs of birds. These types of clocks go well in houses that have a old-world charm and bestow a traditional vibe.

Digital Clock

A digital clock serves as a substitute for the conventional analogue clock. This variation of this timepiece employs numerical representations to exhibit the time in a digital configuration, commonly found on devices like watches, phones, and alarm clocks. The time can be presented in either the 12 or 24-hour formats. Likewise, a digital wall clock is a timekeeping device affixed to walls that employs digital mechanisms to present the time, usually employing numeric indicators to represent the hour. While it typically refers to electronic devices, the term "digital" also characterizes the way the clock's information is showcased.

This would be a great addition to a wall in your home office or study, to give the room a little more modern look and feel. Not to mention, these kinds of clocks can help you keep track of each minute, something that might help you in scheduling meetings, making presentations, and even completing assignments.

Bell-free Wall Clock

Bell-free clocks offer modernity with their sleek and sophisticated designs. Unlike the basic, traditional bell-equipped timepieces, these clocks exhibit a contemporary allure that flawlessly integrates into modern living spaces. Their minimalist look, absence of bells and chimes, evoke a clean and uncluttered aesthetic. This is something that will well-align with minimalist interiors.

The absence of auditory disruptions further enhances their appeal, offering a serene atmosphere. With smooth, silent movements, these clocks eliminate the once-familiar chime, providing a tranquil ambiance. Embodying both form and function, bell-free clocks harmonize modern sensibilities with efficient timekeeping, adding a touch of elegance and tranquillity to any environment. For modern buildings and apartments, this is a great pick. Your 2 BHK in Mumbai will be adorned with a bell-free wall clock!


Wall clocks are an essential part of any household and picking the right one can transform the overall look and vibe of your place. Whether you go for something traditional like pendulum clock and cuckoo clock or something with a modern appeal like digital clock and bell-free clock, we are sure that your villa or 2 BHK in Mumbai will be a lot more aesthetically appealing and functional.