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5 Bookshelf Design Ideas to Consider For Your New Home

Blox Social
Posted on
Jul 18, 2023

On bookshelves, you'll discover the vast wisdom of humanity written on paper, just waiting for you to explore. It's like a kid in a candy store, excitedly searching for the perfect book to read and get lost in. Books are essential in everyone's life as they store valuable information and knowledge. Each book has its own important role in shaping who we are. And just like books, the design of home bookshelves also tells a different story, reflecting the uniqueness of the books they hold. So, if you have hoards of novels and inspiring autobiographies and are looking for not just storage space but also make a stylish in-house library, we've compiled a list of the finest bookshelf design ideas to help you out:

Keep it Simple!

Incorporating the elegance of traditional library rack layouts, modern book rack designs now feature sleek straight and patterned shelves. Creating in-built bookshelf design ideas on the wall is a breeze, with straight shelves offering both simplicity and sophistication. These versatile bookshelves blend seamlessly into any room, from the living room with shelves surrounding a TV unit to closed bookshelf designs with glass in the study or workspace. For a unique touch, consider a floating bookshelf design on the wall or a hanging bookshelf above your bed. With the help of your local contractor, customising your straight bookshelf to fit your space is a swift process.

Use up The Staircase 

Why let your staircase remain a mere pathway when it can be transformed into functional storage? Explore a world of possibilities with modular, racked, and covered formats as you unveil hidden storage spaces to craft ingenious bookshelf designs for small rooms in your home. From the top to the bottom, under the steps, you can store books cleverly. Install straight shelves at intervals along the staircase or utilise the walls of the railing to create additional storage. With so many unique bookshelf designs, you'll always have ideas to make the most of underutilised spaces, especially along the stairs. Plus, having books easily accessible might even lead you to read one right on the stairs!

Experiment with Shapes and Angles 

For those seeking to make a bold statement, why not venture into the realm of the unexpected? Embrace the latest trend of non-traditional angles for your bookshelves and experience the striking difference it can bring. Angular bookshelf designs for the living room offer a plethora of possibilities to create stunning and out-of-the-box looks. The beauty of built-in angular designs lies in their versatility; they can seamlessly fit into any part of the house, regardless of their shape or size. Even in compact spaces, an angular-shaped bookcase becomes a captivating focal point on the wall or within the room. Let your imagination run wild as you explore limitless options, making your bookshelf as whacky, large, or small as you desire!

Create a Tree of Knowledge 

If you're searching for a trendy wall bookshelf design, look no further than the modern 'Tree of Knowledge' or 'Wisdom Tree' book rack design. This unique concept allows you to create a customised bookshelf for study rooms or easily order a DIY version online. The branch-like angular shelves offer flexibility, allowing you to place books open, free, face down, or standing as you prefer. Embrace this type of contemporary and versatile bookshelf design to elevate the aesthetics of your space.

Go For Open Shelves 

Let's circle back to simple bookshelf design ideas for a moment, and one option worth considering is the open-shelf design for your books. Available in both L-shaped and angular variations, these shelves provide easy access as everything remains visible, unlike covered book rack designs for study rooms. Apart from showcasing your decorative pieces, open shelves use fewer materials while providing a sturdy space for your collection. For those feeling adventurous, a bookshelf with a glass door design can be an exciting addition, allowing certain parts to function as drawers or cabinets. The possibilities are endless, so feel free to explore and make the most of your bookshelf design.


Bookshelf interior design offers a fantastic opportunity to infuse style and order into any space. The artful blend of colour, lighting, and decor yields a visually captivating and harmonious ambience. We hope that these beautiful yet functional bookshelf design ideas will help you create an amazing in-home library and offer you a cosy nook where you can spend hours reading your favourite books!