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5 Do's and Don'ts of Hanging Artwork in Your Home

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Posted on
May 17, 2023

Decorating your home interiors to reflect your personality and aesthetic sensibilities is one of life's greatest joys. Adding artwork to your blank walls is a great first step. But doing it without professional help can also be stressful unless you learn a few cardinal rules from the playbook of expert interior designers. So here are some Dos and Don'ts of hanging wall art in your home.

Tip 1 

Do – Scan local galleries, bazaars, auction houses, and even artisan villages. You can often pick up incredible but inexpensive art pieces from unexpected places. Getting the right artwork to add to the aesthetic appeal of your home can be time-consuming but entirely satisfying.

Don't – Do not invest in expensive wall art because it comes highly recommended. Abstract art or paintings you may not completely comprehend or appreciate are a no-no.

Tip 2 

Do – Remember to plan ahead. Hanging wall art always entails holding it up on the wall or using temporary hangers before you settle on the placement. This is all the more important if you have a group of paintings or wall art you want to hang together.

Don't – Do not try to hang paintings or art installations on impulse. Working without understanding the end result is never a good idea for home décor. Likewise, never hang a painting or artwork because you found a nail in place.

Tip 3 

Do – Always hang artwork that is centred at your eye level. For example, in places like your living room or dining area, you will want your artwork to be clear and distinct when sitting down, while in your foyer or kitchen, the art must be centred to your eye level as you stand or walk by.

Don't – Don't hang your artwork before you decide on the final placement of the furniture. The furniture and fixtures decide the flow of the room. Hang the wall art about 8 inches over the couch or headboard of your cot. Consider the symmetry and the entire effect before hanging them.

Tip 4 

Do – Do not restrict yourself to a single painting or photograph. Wall artwork can include a tastefully done-up installation of ceramic plates, a series of black and white photos, DIY crafts, mirrors etc. Let your creative juices flow, and pick one that ties in with the room's theme.

Don't – Don't hang one small painting or artwork because a large wall looks empty. Consider other wall installations like a peg board or a photo gallery wall instead. A small artwork will draw more attention to the empty space than a blank wall.

Tip 5 

Do – Do consider the lighting of the room when you hang wall art. Complement natural light with focus lighting or LED bulbs if you think they will help display the art pieces better at night.

Don't – Don't display any painting or fabric artwork in the path of direct sunlight. This can damage the canvas and fade the colours with time. Also, consider the placement of the air-conditioning vents or heat sources and avoid installing artwork in their path.

Final Thoughts

Reading about expert views and tips on interior décor before hanging wall art in your home is a good idea. Developing a comprehensive plan may take time and effort, but the results are incredibly fulfilling. Of course, aesthetic appeal is the ultimate guide, and you may want to experiment a bit before coming up with a final look for your home.