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5 Interior Design Ideas to Keep in Mind For a Home in Mumbai

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Posted on
May 23, 2023

Mumbai is the land of dreams. It is one of the most populous cities in India, a picture of burgeoning industry and enterprise. Hundreds of thousands of people come to the city each year with hopes of achieving financial success. One of the core goals of every Mumbaikar is to own a residential apartment, a flat they can call home. But with the growth in population, the land is at a premium and homes in Mumbai are designed to optimise both functionality and aesthetics. Here are some key interior design ideas to consider when doing up the interiors of your Mumbai home.

1. Colour for comfort 

Mumbai has a long and humid summer with a short but fierce monsoon spell. Winters are usually cool and mild. Your home should be designed to leverage natural insulation and prevent the humidity from causing any inconvenience. Start by picking a soft colour palate. Whites, creams, greens, blues, taupe, mauve, and mild yellows are perfect for an all-season decor. Picking complementary colours like moss green and lighter shades of yellow (like beige or buttermilk) can be a good idea. Alternatively, the classic white and blue combination is an eternal favourite. Keeping the colour scheme as neutral as possible is a good choice.

2. Fabric fables

The other interior design idea that you must remain conscious of for a Mumbai apartment is the use of fabrics in the décor. From upholstery to drapes, from carpets and rugs to cushion covers – the use of fabrics in Mumbai homes should be well-considered. Natural fibres like linen and cotton are excellent choices to keep off the heat and combat the high levels of humidity during the monsoon season. Cotton yarn is also indigenous to the region, and local weaves and looms may make an inexpensive but beautiful choice. Exploring local markets for cotton mats is a good idea.

3. Optimising functionality

Space is always a much-valued commodity in Mumbai. Given this, the only way to achieve a clean, clutter-free look is to design a household where each piece of furniture or décor can be used and stored efficiently. A wall accent that can be pulled down to make a work table, a coffee table that can store your movie collection and chargers, and a seat with a magazine holder by the armrest are all creative ideas to explore when designing a Mumbai home.

4. Go green 

Mumbaikars love the sea. Apartments facing the Arabian Sea's azure waters are among the city's most coveted. The one feature Mumbaikars often miss out on is green tracts. Apart from the suburbs surrounding the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, there are very few green areas in the city. This makes it a good idea to use indoor plants for décor and health benefits. Green plants add vibrancy and life to our homes and are good ways to improve indoor air quality as well.

5. Light features

Another one of the interior design ideas highly favoured by Mumbai decorators is the creative use of lighting. The city is known for its many high-rises and apartments, and whatever available natural lighting should be optimised with mirrors, glass walls, and jaal partitions. Keeping the flow of air, light, and energy through the creative use of design features is a good idea.


Like all homes, designing the interiors of a Mumbai flat or apartment requires careful consideration of the homeowner's needs and preferences. However, some interior design ideas are picked to factor in the climatic and socio-cultural environment of the city.