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5 Reasons Why Madh Island is the Perfect Getaway Location for You

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Posted on
Apr 23, 2023

Mumbai is one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in India. It is also one of the most populous metros in the world. As the country's financial capital, it is the epitome of industry and enterprise. So while it is easy to understand why Mumbaikars love their city and never want to move elsewhere, it is also true that Mumbai's bustle deprives us of calm and serenity, a connection with nature, and an appreciation of living in the moment. Madh Island in the Western Suburbs may be the one exception, though. Let us take a look at this little peninsula, a part of Mumbai that was once a retreat for the rich and the famous. Madh is not only a very popular getaway, but it is also one of the hottest residential micro markets in Mumbai city.

But what is it about Madh Island that brings Mumbaikars here? Read on.

1. Mumbai, not Mumbai – Looking for a place in Mumbai with a Goa vibe? Looking for a place in the heart of Mumbai to get away for a weekend, or rent or even buy a residential property? Madh Island has to be on top of the localities to consider. The average Mumbaikar's love of the sea is legendary, and with beaches like Aksa, Dana Pani, Erangal, and Silver Beach right in the vicinity, Madh's attraction is quite understandable. Madh Island's reputation as the retreat of the rich and famous is now acceding to the average homebuyer's desire to own a property in this beautiful community.

2. Commute and Connectivity – One of the greatest stressors in Mumbai is commuting to different parts of the city. And this is a great advantage to those living on Madh Island. Located in Malad West, a 20-minute ferry ride takes you from Madh Island to Versova - a commercial hub. The rest of the city is easily accessible through the Versova Metro Station. Nearby Andheri plugs Madh Island residents into the suburban railway network. The upcoming bridge connecting Versova and Madh Island has received approval from the Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority (MCZMA). It will make the road commute to this western suburb a breeze.

3. A Second Home – Madh Island's development over the past decade has been phenomenal in size and scale. Some of the city's most popular developers, like Raheja Developers and Je & Vee Real Estate, recognised the untapped potential of this secluded part of Mumbai and embarked on building some of the most luxurious projects. Sure enough, there have been more than enough takers looking for second homes in Mumbai. The fantastic views, an abundance of space, calm settings, and luxurious facilities and amenities are more than what an average Mumbai apartment owner can ask for in this bustling city.

4. Work-life– While freelancing, working from home, and online work opportunities were already taking off before 2019, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has made this part of the mainstay. Madh Island is just the kind of place people with remote working capabilities prefer. This neighbourhood offers the best work-life balance with its long beaches, quaint cafes, jogging tracks, and stunning sunsets. There is no other place in Mumbai where you can spend each day, like a vacation and work out at the same time. Now isn't that a dream come true?

5. Get more from your Madh home - Madh Island is a popular weekend getaway for those living and working in other parts of Mumbai. The sand, sun, and sea continue to offer unique experiences with every visit. Activities like exploring the old Portuguese churches and forts, trying the seafood from the local shacks, or relaxing in the spas of the resorts in Madh can be wonderful experiences. If you are a property owner, you may consider transforming your apartment into an Airbnb or holiday home when you are not using it, creating a round-the-year stream of income.

Until a few years ago, Madh Island was popular for two reasons. First, it was a popular neighbourhood for movie stars and celebrities to invest in beach homes. It has also been used extensively as a backdrop for movies and television soaps. Over the past few years, though, Madh Island has become one of Mumbai's most popular weekend getaways, holiday spots, and residential markets. Average property rates have grown from INR 14000 per square foot in 2018 to INR 20000 in 2023, making it more affordable than suburbs like Malad and Andheri. 2 BHK flats in Madh Island will cost at least 35% less than other upcoming neighbourhoods in Mumbai. The infrastructural development of Madh, too, is on a growth trajectory, making it more desirable now. Are you one of those who came here for a calm, relaxing weekend and decided to make Madh Island your forever home?

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