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5 Tips to Help You Invest in Sustainable Housing

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Posted on
Mar 15, 2023

Real estate prices have traditionally depended on market factors such as demand and supply, the infrastructural development of the locality, the employment opportunities in the vicinity, and the social infrastructure. In recent years, however, property prices have been dependent on other factors which have made it to the list of homeowner needs. Green, sustainable housing projects which are built and maintained with resource-efficient technology are more in demand and command better prices. What is it that makes green homes more valuable? What do you look out for when investing in sustainable housing? Let's take a look.

What makes green homes valuable?

Green homes and buildings involve decarbonisation from the very concept to the construction process and maintenance. While developing sustainable construction techniques and processes is still nascent, certified green homes cost more than other projects that do not rely on sustainable factors. However, they are more valuable since they can enrich and improve homeowners' lifestyles. Green homes can help save about 30% on energy bills and up to 50% on water bills. They use eco-friendly and ergonomic materials that leech zero to very low levels of toxins. The health benefits of living in green homes are invaluable. Designing these homes involves optimisation of natural light and ventilation for a pollution-free, allergen-free home environment. These eco-friendly homes are low maintenance, and with rising demand, the property's value also appreciates more than others. As a real estate investor and a home buyer, the wisdom of buying into a certified green project is undeniable.


Tips for investing in sustainable housing

  • Research the developer's vision: The very first step to investing in a sustainable, green home is understanding the developer's vision, mission, motto, and practices. Grade A developers in metro cities like Mumbai are quite transparent about their commitment towards eco-friendly practices. Partnering with a developer specialising in green construction and taking advantage of government subsidies and incentives for building sustainable projects can be a good starting point for investing in green buildings.
  • Look for eco-friendly amenities: When looking for a residential property, devise a checklist of all the eco-friendly amenities important to you. Consider looking for solar-powered units for common spaces, waste management systems, rainwater harvesting units, green HVAC systems, etc. Now talk to the developer about these and use this list to compare various projects and shortlist your preferences.
  • Open spaces and gardens: Picking the location is one of a homeowner's first decisions. The project you buy a home in should have large, open spaces. This makes it ideal for green technology to work optimally. When a building design allows residential units to receive lots of sunlight, the energy bills are naturally reduced. Cross ventilation helps improve indoor air quality and eliminates the need for air purifiers.
  • Look for green certification: If you are looking to invest in a green home, one of the very first things you need to equip yourself with is an understanding of the popular green certifications such as Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) and Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) ratings. Now check back for the rating level received by the project you plan to invest in for clarity about what you can expect. You can ask the developer to provide proof of the green certification for the project.
  • Modify your lifestyle: Investing in a green apartment is only one part of a major life decision. The other half is modifying your lifestyle to take the best advantage of such a project. Buy 5-star energy-rated devices, adopt recycling, and trash segregation, use harvested rainwater, install personal solar panels, reduce water wastage, and avoid toxic aerosol sprays. These are all part of an eco-friendly lifestyle that will help you live your best in your green home. Apart from personal garden spaces, decks, and waterfronts, these projects will likely have walking or jogging tracks to help you live a fit and healthy life.

Buying a residential property is a major financial investment but also a very emotional decision. This is the place where you and your family will build a home. It is vital that the environment is clean and nourishes a healthy lifestyle. Only by opting for sustainable resources can you cut down on your energy needs and reduce your carbon footprint on the earth. Your home is your personal space, but it is also your legacy and contribution to future generations. Investing in a green home can help optimise your ROI on the investment and give you a better quality of life.


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