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5 Trending Feng Shui Kitchen Designs

Blox Social
Posted on
Jun 11, 2023

The kitchen is one of the most important areas in a home, as it is where we prepare and enjoy food and where we connect with our family and guests. This is where Feng Shui principles can help us create a harmonious and balanced kitchen that supports our health, wealth and happiness. How? By designing a Feng shui kitchen.

As you may know already, Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art of harmonising the energy flow in your living space – including your kitchen. It is based on the concept of chi (energy), which can be influenced by the arrangement, orientation and decoration of your environment.  One of the most important areas to apply Feng shui principles is your kitchen, as it is the centre of nourishment and abundance in your home. 

In this blog, we will share with you five trending Feng shui kitchen designs that can enhance your well-being and attract more positive energy into your life.

1. The U-shaped kitchen 

This design is ideal for small spaces, as it maximises the use of the available floor and wall space. It also creates a cosy and efficient work triangle, where the stove, sink and refrigerator are within easy reach of each other. The U-shaped kitchen can help you avoid clutter and maintain a good flow of chi in your kitchen. To make it more Feng shui friendly, you can add some plants, herbs or flowers on the windowsill or on the countertop, as they bring freshness and vitality to your space.

2. The L-shaped kitchen

This design is suitable for medium to large spaces, as it allows for more flexibility and creativity in arranging your appliances and cabinets. It also creates a spacious and open feeling in your kitchen, which can invite more social interaction and communication. The L-shaped kitchen can help you balance the yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies in your space, as it combines both straight and curved lines. To make it more Feng shui friendly, you can place a mirror on the wall opposite the stove, as it reflects the fire element and doubles your wealth and prosperity.

3. The island kitchen 

This design is perfect for large spaces, as it adds more functionality and style to your kitchen. It also creates a focal point and a gathering place for your family and guests. The island kitchen can help you enhance the earth element in your space, as it represents stability and grounding. To make it more Feng shui friendly, you can choose a round or oval shape for your island, as it promotes harmony and unity. You can also decorate it with fruits, candles or crystals, as they symbolise abundance and joy.

4. The galley kitchen 

This design is common for narrow spaces, as it utilises two parallel walls for your appliances and cabinets. It also creates a streamlined and minimalist look in your kitchen, which can appeal to your sense of order and efficiency. The galley kitchen can help you activate the water element in your space, as it represents fluidity and movement. To make it more Feng shui friendly, you can hang some wind chimes or bells near the door or window, as they attract good luck and opportunities.

5. The peninsula kitchen 

Lastly, we have the peninsula kitchen. This design is similar to the island kitchen but with one side attached to a wall or another cabinet. It also creates a semi-open layout in your kitchen, which can offer more privacy and intimacy. The peninsula kitchen can help you boost the wood element in your space, as it represents growth and expansion. To make it more Feng shui friendly, you can choose a rectangular or square shape for your peninsula, as it supports stability and structure. 


Given the variety in types of Feng shui kitchen, one is never short of options when it comes to creating a balanced, harmonious centre of nourishment at your home. Here are some additional Feng Shui tips for your kitchen:

  • Choose a location that is away from the main entrance and the bathroom to avoid the clash of energies between fire and water.
  • Keep the kitchen clean, organised and well-lit to enhance the flow of positive chi and reduce clutter and stagnation.
  • Place the stove in a commanding position, where you can see the door but not directly face it. Avoid placing the stove under a window or opposite the sink or refrigerator, as this can create conflict and weaken your fire energy.
  • Activate the wealth corner of your kitchen, which is the top left area from the door. You can place a bowl of fresh fruits, a plant or a crystal there to attract abundance and prosperity.