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5 World-Class Amenities Offered by Top Developers in Powai

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Posted on
Mar 12, 2023

Powai is a popular suburban locality of Mumbai located in the northeastern part of the city. This locality is situated right on the Powai lake banks. It is a high-status area of the city where architectural developments are proposed to meet the rising needs of the residents. 

These architectural developments have directed the attention of top real estate developers in Mumbai towards Powai. Some renowned builders such as Hiranandani Group, Shrisyhi Group, Ekta Group and others have built luxurious and outstanding residential properties in this region. 

Powai is one of the poshest areas of Mumbai, and people who intend to buy a home here, have a vision of availing world-class amenities. Hence, the top developers of Powai made it standard to include some familiar and modern amenities within their property premises. 

In this blog, you will get an insight into the popular amenities by top developers that are drawing the attention of home buyers toward Powai. 

1. Terrace Garden

First, one of the most liked amenities most of the reputed luxury property developers offers is the terrace garden. Imagine heading out to the terrace garden in the evening hours. Watch the sun set over Mumbai's broad skyline while you settle down on the grass lawn to sip your cup of coffee. 

It is one of the most luxurious amenities that home buyers expect while looking for flats in Powai for sale. The top property developers in Powai have implemented the same in some of their current properties, whereas they plan to provide the same in future projects. 

2. Swimming Pool

Being a posh locality, Powai demands people to live a similar lifestyle to reciprocate the high-class standards. And the house you live in will tell much about the status symbol. What’s a luxury residence without a swimming pool? 

A swimming pool around the residential complex immediately makes it accountable as a luxury property. Imagine coming home after a tired day and wanting to sunbathe for a couple of hours. In that case, you don’t have to head to the swimming clubs far from the locality. You can just head downstairs and soak yourself in the swimming pool within the property compound. 

3. Power Backup

No residential property in Powai should be availed without a power backup connection. Most of the top property developers of Powai make sure of this factor to ensure no hassle for the residents in the long run. After spending lakhs or crores of rupees, you wouldn’t expect to live in a house that experiences frequent power cuts without any backup. 

4. Proper Security Facilities

Boom barriers, facial recognition through security applications, video doorbells and other such security features are crucial in big apartments to ensure the safety of the residents. No one who is not part of the residential building should be allowed to enter the gates without the consent of the respective flat owners. 

Thus, top developers are now implementing such advanced security facilities in residential projects. Not just that, but this is yet another standard amenity that people consider while searching for flats in Powai for sale

5. High-Tech Fitness Facilities

A high-tech gymnasium is a common amenity that most of the realty developers of Powai and other posh parts of Mumbai are considering a priority. Having a gym in society motivates people to take the initiative to be fit. With modern machinery, guided training and other assisting services, the residents can avail heightened fitness while residing in a luxurious property. 

Apart from that, some developers have also offered open gyms in their properties to allow people to work out under nature's presence. The properties also offer yoga rooms, dance activity rooms and other such spaces for additional fitness. 

Finding the Right Amenities for Your Luxurious Stay is Now Easier!

It is now easy for potential home buyers searching for flats in Powai for sale to find the ideal amenities they need in a property. You can now specifically pick the properties with desirable facilities within the complex. You can also filter out the other property developers in the locality. 

And this is possible with Blox! 

Blox is a property search engine for Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. You can select your desired location as Powai and pick the names of developers one by one. Set your budget and property type, following which you can search for options that suit your selection. 

When you click on the available properties, you will see the available amenities within their premises. Take note of them, and tally them with your requirements. If it doesn’t meet, move on to the next one until you find the perfect one. When you do, book your site visit for that property right away. 


Hopefully, this blog gave you insight into the five best amenities that Powai's top property developers offer. If you are into luxury apartments, these amenities will be signature offerings by the respective developers.  


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