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6 Creative Sangeet Decoration Ideas to Set the Stage for Joy

Blox Social
Posted on
Sep 28, 2023

Planning to tie the knot this wedding season? Well, you will definitely be looking for some ideas to help make your big day more memorable. A wedding in India is not just limited to a single event, but involves many festivities spread across several days. Among the many events at an Indian wedding, the sangeet ceremony is perhaps one of the most vibrant and joyous events. You would surely want to celebrate this occasion in style.

So if you want some sangeet decoration ideas, here are a few that you can use to make your sangeet ceremony a day to remember.

Paper decoration 

Paper is a versatile product and can be given any shape to make the ambience more electrifying. You can purchase paper of different shades like green, pink, yellow, and red to name a few. Create fancy objects out of these sheets of paper. Kites, ships, lanterns, fans, etc., are a few shapes that can be easily crafted at home. Hang these paper objects at prominent places including entrances, hallways, living room and other areas that have been specially decked up for the occasion. These small, colourful decorations look good and can lighten up the ambiance.

Photo Booth

A photo both is one of the most remarkable sangeet decoration ideas. When creating a photo booth for your sangeet ceremony, you can get really creative and experiment with various themes and designs. Some of these include a flower photo booth, balloon photo booth, neon sign photo booth, a rustic photo booth, and any other ideas you can think of. However, it is important that you choose a theme that gels well with the festivity and the ambiance of the place. Make it more enchanting by placing wedding accessories near it, like turbans, Indian musical instruments, a few garments, etc. 

Dance floor

Singing and dancing is an important part of the sangeet ceremony as it adds fun to the atmosphere. So make your sangeet ceremony more vibrant with a dance floor. You can designate a particular spot where your family and friends can gather to dance and have fun. Add a unique touch to the area by decorating it with fancy lights, flowers, colourful garlands, curtains and drapes. A high-quality sound-system will further energise the environment.


Candles are one of the most inexpensive decorative items and can make any event look more graceful. Place a string of candles or in holders at prominent places such as the entrance, in the rooms, on the tables and shelves. Holders embellished with intrinsic art will make the event and environment appear more stylish.


Add extra glamour to the festivities by including an elegantly prepared swing. Create an ideal setting by embellishing the swing with flowers of varied colours and hues. Decorate the background with fancy curtains and drapes. Choose seat cushions that gel well with the colour of the flowers and curtains. Whether you install the swing in the living room, balcony or in the garden, the fragrance of the flowers and the spectacular display will definitely give a unique touch to the sangeet ceremony. 


As guests begin to arrive for the sangeet celebrations, the entrance is the first thing they will notice. While an elegantly embellished entrance may leave a lasting impression on your guests, a bland one might ruin the look of the home and the event. That is why it is necessary to provide a stunning appeal to the entrance. And there is no better way than a colourful rangoli. Rangoli is a traditional Indian art and a prominent feature of weddings and festivals. You can choose various designs like floral patterns, geometric designs, images of gods and goddesses, flower designs etc. By choosing the right materials and using your creativity, you can create a rangoli that will leave your guests awestruck. 


Here we have mentioned a few sangeet decoration ideas that will help you bring more colour and joy to the festivities. However, there are tons of ideas and the more creative you get, the more elaborate and spectacular your sangeet ceremony will be. But make sure that the decorations seamlessly blend with the theme, ambience and the mood of the festivities. Hopefully, these ideas will help you make your sangeet ceremony more exotic and joyous.