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6 Home Wall Designs That Offer a Grand Look

Blox Social
Posted on
Apr 19, 2023

A home is not just built with walls but memories. And just like any other part of your home, the interior design for your walls is something that must reflect your personality. The walls of each room offer you a blank canvas that is waiting to be decorated and transformed into masterpieces that not only look good but also hold a lot of significance to you and your loved ones. There is so much that you can do when it comes to wall décor. You can either hang pictures, frames, decorative items, or art pieces or simply adorn them with chic wallpaper, panels, or tiles! The options are truly endless when you have a blank wall in your room that is yearning for some love and attention! And if you are planning on transforming it, we have got you covered!

Here are some creative home wall design ideas that help you add your own sense of panache and style to each wall in your home!

1. Turn it into an Art Display!

The best way to add some zing and personality to your walls is by showcasing some art pieces. These would catch the attention of all your guests and might even help start some interesting conversations. You might want to extend this gallery wall up to the ceiling as this can create an illusion of taller walls which can eventually make it feel like a much larger room.

You may even dedicate a wall in your lobby to photographs that would remind you of the fun and happy times spent with your loved ones. However, you might want to consider hanging up a few more sophisticated and ornate art pieces in your drawing room where you host your guests.

2. Show Off Your Collectibles

Why let your beautiful dinnerware sit hidden away in cabinets when you can showcase them as an art display on your walls? Wire plate hangers are a perfect solution to display your favourite dishes and serving platters. This wall decor idea not only adds a touch of elegance and style to your space but also lets you showcase your cherished collections. From antique teacups to modern art pieces, this design concept can work for any object that holds a special meaning to you.

3. Add a Tapestry or Wall Hanging

Enhance the style and charm of your walls by using tapestries or wall hangings. These decorative pieces can add a burst of colour and design to any space, especially neutral-toned areas. You can even frame vintage scarves or other beautiful fabrics to create an artistic display. The best part? These wall decorations are lightweight and easy to move. This makes them the perfect wall décor item for renters or anyone who changes their décor frequently.

4. Reflect with Mirrors

An effective way to make a small space appear larger and brighter is by incorporating mirrors into your wall decor. You can hang an oversized mirror or group several smaller ones together. Mirrors can also serve as a stunning focal point for a room and bring a touch of sophistication to your overall decor. In addition, you can consider using mirrored wall tiles or mirrored furniture pieces to enhance the reflective effect and create a glamorous atmosphere in your home.

5. Make it Functional yet Appealing

There are numerous items that will not only add character to your space but will also serve a practical purpose. For instance, you can include a black or whiteboard in one of your rooms. The best place for this would be your study, office, playroom, or even kitchen. While a blackboard can give a room a rustic feel, a whiteboard would offer a more modern look. If you want to take it up a notch, you can even consider painting an entire wall with chalkboard or whiteboard paint, turning it into an interactive canvas for your ideas and creativity.

Other functional decor ideas could include hanging shelves, organisers, or hooks that not only add aesthetic value but also help keep your space organised and clutter-free.

6. Mix and Match Colors and Patterns

To enhance the appearance of a double-height wall, consider using a combination of colours and patterns through the use of tiles, wall claddings, or paint. Wood-paneled walls can add contrast and depth to a space, while smart lighting designs can further emphasise the design. Placing spotlights just above the accent wall can highlight the design and create a striking focal point in the room. Experimenting with various materials, textures, and lighting options can help you achieve a stunning and unique wall design.


We hope that these wall decor design ideas help personalise your home and turn your walls into masterpieces. You can experiment with different styles and techniques that will help create your walls the focal point of any room. With a little creativity, your walls can be anything but blank!