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6 Minimalistic Home Designs For Buyers on a Budget

Blox Social
Posted on
Apr 29, 2023

Minimalism is not about being plain or skimping on essentials. It is about finding the beauty in simplicity, making the best use of what you have, and amplifying spaces to express more with less.

Here are five minimalistic home designs that can help you bring out the best in your apartment without tugging on the purse strings.

Minimalistic home designs 

1. Rustic charm – The home design that never goes out of fashion combines rustic charm with a touch of elegance. Exposed brick wall, reclaimed wood accents, and repurposed barrel for a centre table. Keep the décor pieces to a minimum, and let vintage be your home’s vantage point.
2. Pastel dreams – There is something quite timeless and classic about an all-white design. Or at least all pastel. Let natural light work its magic and add a pop of colour with a dramatic art piece or even natural flowers. Sheer curtains, fabric upholstery, and perhaps a few framed photos can get you on the minimalistic design bandwagon. 
3. Glass and metal – Glass and metal décor work best when you plan all your interiors around a ‘muted shine’ look. Frosted or stained glass works wonders in various ways – from window panes to dining table tops, from partitions to balcony walls. Opt for stainless steel fixtures and accents and watch your home come alive without breaking the bank.
4. Green trends – This one is for the Nature lover who believes that plants are all the décor you need to keep your home vibrant and alive. Keep the décor minimal, or go budget-friendly with large, ornate terracotta vases. Get all your indoor plants and design a home with minimal accessories but great indoor air quality.
5. Back to basics – While most of us believe that home design and interior decoration require many resources, it demands time and creativity. Get back to basics, low cushion seats, repurposed antique mirrors, and traditional mud or ceramic items to create a traditional yet cosy home.
6. Clean art deco – Those who love Art Deco understand that it has one great advantage regarding home décor. The art form believes in infusing aesthetics into everyday objects as opposed to visual art. Find furniture, household appliances, and utility items that have just the right touch of beauty. A digital art surface centre table, a unique futon, decoupaged living room dresser, embossed cupboards - the options are limitless.

Tips to make the best of a simple home design

Beauty and functionality are the two main aspects of home design. And these two are not mutually exclusive. In fact, experts suggest that minimalistic home designs may work out best in the long run because they require very little (if any) maintenance and are easy to repair and renovate when needed. Here are some tips for getting the best home designs on a budget.

  • Buying a home on a budget and getting the interiors done may require some planning and research, but it is quite possible. Start with analysing your family’s needs. You may be a professional at the start of your career or a family with teenagers ready to move for higher education. How many bedrooms do you need? Can an open floor plan suit your needs better, or do you need segregated spaces? Start with buying an apartment that is right for your current needs and the foreseeable future.
  • Once you have your list of priorities drawn up, comparing various projects and offerings from trusted developers is a good idea. A 1BHK apartment designed to fit into a floor with a duplex apartment may be very different from a high-rise offering only 1BHK flats. It is important to understand the specific dimensions and design of the unit you are purchasing.
  • It may be a good idea to work with the developer during the construction phase and make additions or alterations that do not affect the schematics of the unit. For example, you may want to remove the wall separating the living and dining areas, opting for a glass partition instead. Not only does this make for a great minimalistic design, but it also adds space to the flat.
  • The KonMari method is very helpful to people on a budget and those who like a minimalistic design or decor. According to the proponent, hold each item you own or plan to buy. If it sparks joy, keep it and discard any impulse buys with low functionality or utility.
  • Avoid accumulating trinkets, keepsakes, or artefacts on your travels. Every addition to your home should be a deliberate choice based on how it enhances your life over time.

Minimalism never goes out of fashion for one simple reason – it offers beauty in a small but succinct package. In addition, minimalistic home designs come with some great advantages – they are easy to maintain and require very little effort. They are best suited for modern-day apartment living with space issues.