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6 Reasons Why Investing in Villas in 2023 is a Great Investment Decision

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Posted on
Apr 26, 2023

If you are looking for a lucrative investment opportunity in India, why not consider investing in villas? 

Yes, you read that right. For most home-buyers, the most common search often hinges on flats and apartments. But if you are looking to purchase residential real estate from an investment perspective, a villa can be a great opportunity in 2023. Be it villas in Parel or any other real estate hotspot of Mumbai, you cannot go wrong with an investment in these spacious, luxurious and comfortable homes that offer a high standard of living and a sense of privacy. 

Naturally, villas are also in high demand among affluent buyers and renters who seek a premium lifestyle and a good return on their investment. They are usually located in gated communities or independent plots with best-in-class amenities like gardens, swimming pools, and security – all shaped to your likes and preferences. Here are some of the reasons why investing in villas in 2023 is a great decision for you.

1. Villas offer better appreciation than apartments 

Villas are usually located in prime locations with scenic views, ample greenery and good connectivity. They also have limited supply and high demand, which makes them appreciate faster than apartments. According to multiple reports and studies, villas in India have witnessed an average annual price appreciation that is higher than apartments in the last few years. In fact, the top 7 cities in India witnessed estimated sales of over 7800 residential units across the plots and villas category in the first quarter of 2023. 

2. Villas provide more rental income than apartments

Villas are preferred by high-end tenants who are willing to pay a premium for space, privacy and amenities. Villas also have lower vacancy rates and longer lease periods than apartments, which ensures a steady and consistent rental income. This means that villas in India can fetch an average monthly rent which is often much higher than that generated by apartments.

3. Villas offer more tax benefits than apartments

Villas are considered independent houses for tax purposes, which means you can claim deductions for municipal taxes, maintenance charges, insurance premiums and interest on home loans under Section 24 of the Income Tax Act. You can also claim depreciation on the cost of construction and fixtures under Section 32 of the Income Tax Act. These deductions can reduce your taxable income and save you money on taxes. Additionally, you can claim exemptions on the capital gains tax if you sell your villa after holding it for more than two years and reinvest the proceeds in another residential property within two years.

4. Villas offer more flexibility and customisation than apartments

Villas give you the freedom to design and modify your home according to your taste and preferences. You can choose the layout, architecture, interiors, furnishings, landscaping and amenities of your villa without any restrictions from the builder or the society. You can also expand or renovate your villa as per your needs and budget. 

5. Villas offer more lifestyle benefits than apartments

Villas provide you with a serene and peaceful environment away from the noise and pollution of the city. You can enjoy the fresh air, natural light and greenery around your villa. You can also indulge in various recreational activities such as swimming, gardening, barbecuing, playing games or hosting parties in your villa. Villas also offer more security and privacy than apartments, as you do not have to share common areas or facilities with other residents.

6. Villas offer a unique sense of community and social status 

Villas are not only a type of property but also a type of community. Many villas clustered together are usually located in gated communities that have common facilities and activities for the residents. You can interact with your neighbours and form social bonds with them, which can improve your quality of life and happiness. Villas also reflect your social status and prestige, as they are considered as a sign of wealth and success in India.

7. Villas offer a greater future potential 

Villas have a lot of future potential as they can be used for various purposes besides residential use. You can use your villa as a holiday home, a guest house, a home office, or a rental property, depending on your requirements and preferences. You can also sell your villa at a higher price in the future if you want to relocate or liquidate your assets.

Final Words

These are some of the reasons why investing in villas in 2023 is a great decision for you. Villas are not only a smart financial investment but also a rewarding personal investment that can enhance your quality of life and happiness. They are a social symbol as well as a great asset to own, assuring you of many prosperous and happy days ahead!

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