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6 Tricks to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

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Posted on
May 30, 2023

Indian summers are known for their extreme heat. To tackle this challenge, it's essential to make our home environment as cool as possible. There are numerous straightforward techniques that can be employed to achieve this goal. With this in consideration, we have compiled expert recommendations and proven tips that can be readily implemented when the next wave of hot weather arrives. Let us have a look:

Shut The Blinds

Everyone would want to embrace natural lighting and allow the sun to shine through their windows. But if you want to keep your house cool in the summer, you must fight this desire. Instead, you may prevent your home's interior from overheating by keeping your drapes and blinds closed during the day.

Use Darker Hues

Escaping the strong glare of a searing summer sun and seeking shelter in a cool, shaded place is certainly a pleasurable experience. Consider getting cotton drapes in the darkest tone available to create such a place. Also, consider choosing curtains with a thick lining. Choosing dark green or brown tones can be a prudent decision as well. From the morning on, keep the drapes tightly closed. You can keep your room somewhat cool by protecting it from direct sunshine throughout the day.

Position Plants by The Window

Placing leafy plants beside the windows can yield remarkable results to keep your house cool. If you have sizeable decorative or potted plants, consider relocating them closer to your windows. These plants will effectively absorb a significant amount of heat, generating a refreshing and cooling atmosphere in their immediate vicinity.

Opt For Cooler Lighting Alternatives

There is no reason to use heated incandescent bulbs when cool lighting solutions like LEDs and fluorescent lights are easily available. Change to these cooler options for a more comfortable environment. Remember to turn off electrical items, especially the television, while not in use. Even a mobile charger can generate heat. Therefore, it is critical to keep superfluous heat sources to a minimum.

Invest in a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier’s primary function is to reduce humidity levels. However, this can also indirectly help in cooling down the space indoors. By removing excessive moisture from the air, it will not only improve the quality of the air you breathe but also offer you a more comfortable living environment.

Welcome the Cool Evening Breeze

Open up your window panes during dusk to let in the cool evening breeze. This will help maximise the cooling impact and thus lower the temperature of the house. Moreover, this will help improve night-time comfort. Additionally, this will improve the overall air circulation and even release the collected heat indoors. So, consider opening all interior doors to maintain a cooler atmosphere throughout the day. However, keep in mind to shut these doors when the sun comes up.


By implementing a combination of simple strategies, you can effectively combat the intense heat of Indian summers and create a cooler and more comfortable home environment. These practical tips, along with expert advice, enable you to navigate the challenges of hot weather and enjoy a respite from the scorching temperatures. Stay cool and beat the heat with these tried-and-tested techniques!