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7 Best Stone Wall Tiles Design Ideas for Your Home

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Posted on
Jul 14, 2023

The popularity of stone wall tiles for making a home look magnificent has increased significantly over the past several years. Stone wall tiles go a long way in enhancing the beauty and appeal of a home in a cost-effective manner. These tiles add a rustic charm and sense of elegance to a house to make it look more impressive and graceful. However, when it comes to choosing the best designs for stone wall tiles, most people feel somewhat confused.

Given below are the seven best design ideas for installing these tiles to help such people get the desired look for their homes.   

  • Go For the Rustic Look

Wall tiles having the appearance of natural stone are the best for creating a rustic look and feel for the home. These tiles create a great first impression on people coming to the house and also help to create a warm and soothing effect. These tiles are made from huge stone slabs, which are roughly cut into different sizes and shapes to maintain their natural look. The tiles may be stained or painted to add a bit of colour to match the overall décor theme of the house. 

  • Seek Beauty In Asymmetry

Arranging the thin and rectangular pieces of tiles having different heights and widths in a stacked arrangement may seem like a bad idea. However, it is the very asymmetry of the Ledgestone tiles that creates a beautiful and impressive look. The gritty, unfinished appeal of the tiles and this unique setting complements the smooth and streamlined furnishings and décor items of the home beautifully. This results in an exclusive décor style that makes the home stand apart. 

  • Opt For Multicolored Stone Tiles 

Covering the walls of a home with multicoloured stone tiles is a great way for homeowners to highlight their free-spirited personality. The multicoloured tiles help in adding a sense of vividity and texture to the entire house and make it feel alive. The choice of colours can be random or coordinated depending on the personal preference of the homeowners. In either case, this design of stone wall tiles will prove extremely satisfying for people with a good sense of creativity. 

  • Consider Installing Coral Stone Tiles

The concept of coral stone wall tiles is relatively new in India, but this does not diminish the fact that they create a mesmerising beach look. The natural green and blue hues of these tiles help in giving a tropical appearance to a space. The tiles also have natural 3D textures, which further enhance their beauty and appeal. While the tiles are mostly considered to be the best choice for outdoor walls, they are equally suitable for use in indoor spaces to create a refreshing ambience.

  • Add Fancy Touch With Marble Tiles 

Marble stone tiles are known for their luxurious look and feel and hence are preferred by people who prefer a fancy appeal for the walls of their homes. Be it plain white or creamy-hued marble tiles or the more cheerful and brilliant colourful marble tiles, they add a unique sense of style and sophistication to the walls. Moreover, the durability of marble tiles as well as the ease of cleaning and maintaining them, ensures that people can enjoy their beauty and elegance for life.

  • Decorative Stone Tiles For Balconies & Terraces 

Decorative stone wall tiles can help infuse a new life into outdoor areas like balconies and terraces. The tiles can be used to create a specific theme or portray a scene to enhance the beauty and appeal of the space. This can help in improving the functionality of such spaces besides ensuring that they add value to the house in a significant manner. The choice of decorative tiles depends on the design or idea that the homeowners intend to create with their help. 

  • Infuse An Old Fashioned Charm 

The natural stone wall tiles can be used on outer walls and areas like the porch and steps approaching the main house to create an old-fashioned charm. Tiles made from granite stone are the best choice for creating this look and adding a unique appeal to the house. Moreover, granite tiles tend to absorb heat better, which keeps the outdoor areas cooler by preventing the reflection of heat. 


The above-discussed ideas can help people use stone tiles to effectively change the façade of their homes for the better.