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7 Design Tips To Maximise Your 1 BHK Flat in Mumbai

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Posted on
Jan 9, 2024

Join us in this blog as we explore how integrating innovative design and decor tips can optimise every square inch and amplify the perceived spaciousness of your compact apartment. Here, we present seven fantastic ideas to assist you in effectively designing your 1 BHK flat in Mumbai.

1. Utilising Multipurpose Furniture

A successful approach to conserving space in your 1 BHK involves opting for versatile furniture. Furniture like convertible coffee tables, foldable dining sets, storage ottomans, and multitasking reduce clutter by serving dual roles. Innovative solutions, such as storage beds with pull-out dining tables, highlight an intelligent utilisation of space, demonstrating the versatility of modern furniture design. Choosing furniture with dual functions is a clever approach to enhance the efficiency of your 1 BHK flat in Mumbai.

2. Build Floor-to-Ceiling Storage

Setting up storage units that span from floor to ceiling has proven to be an effective solution to maximise one-bedroom spaces. Tailored built-in cabinets, shelving, and storage racks provide ample space and minimise the utilisation of floor space. Choosing sliding doors for your storage units improves the efficiency of space utilisation, positioning floor-to-ceiling storage as an excellent option for maximising space for one-bedroom apartments. 

3. Employing Wall-Mounted Furniture

Like floor-to-ceiling storage, opting for wall-mounted furniture is an intelligent solution to free up floor space in your cosy 1 BHK apartments. Distinctive furniture types like wall-mounted drop-leaf tables, floating shelves, and hanging cabinets play a role in organising your living space while adding a stylish flair. Whether contemplating a wall-mounted flatscreen TV or a foldable wall bed, integrating furniture suspended on walls is a strategic design approach for 1 BHK flats in Mumbai, skillfully maximising living spaces.

4. Choose Versatile Rooms

Rather than restricting rooms to singular purposes, add more flexibility by making them multipurpose. Transform your living room into a guest bedroom or a home office as required, utilising convertible furniture such as Murphy beds and fold-out desks. Incorporate sliding partitions or curtains to segment open-concept spaces, making your 1 BHK rooms adaptable to various functions based on your needs.

5. Select Compact Furnishings

While outfitting your 1 BHK flat, always keep space-saving essentials in mind. Opt for bar stools over chairs to provide a more airy feel to your dining area. Embrace armless but sleek sofas in front of the walls, which will hardly take up any space, giving an illusion of extra-large living space. Even a tiny wheeled cart for your television can preserve valuable space in compact 1 BHK apartments.

6. Incorporate Mirrors to Expand Space Perception

You may have often observed that strategically placing mirrors makes small living spaces appear significantly larger, doubling any room's perceived dimensions. Utilise floor mirrors to enhance the sense of a giant hallway, while mirrored cabinets can impart a deluxe feel to your bedroom. Additionally, consider hanging mirrored panels on your walls to intensify light reflections and create a heightened sense of depth. The reflective qualities of these mirrors contribute to making a significantly more spacious appearance for your 1 BHK flats.

7. Maintain a Light Color Scheme

Mumbai's 1 BHK flats are renowned for their unique paint colour schemes. These airy paint colours enhance the sense of space in these tiny apartments. Always choose soft, muted tones such as pale yellow or light blue to create a bright and expansive atmosphere in your rooms. Additionally, create contrast by incorporating glossy white trims to enhance the definition of your walls. Remember to avoid using dark paint shades as they give a sense of confinement in your already compact 1 BHK flats.


Implementing clever space-saving techniques can convert your 1 BHK flat in Mumbai into a cosy and functional living space. Follow these seven tips to optimise every inch while preserving style and functionality in your 1 BHK apartments. Efficiently design your petite apartment by incorporating modular furniture, mirrors, lighting, and more. With the appropriate design strategy, even the most modest 1 BHK can exude a sense of spaciousness, airiness, and modernity.

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