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8 Innovative and Unconventional Fountain Ideas to Transform Your Home’s Aesthetics

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Posted on
Nov 28, 2023

If you want to relax amidst scenic beauty and tranquil sounds, it is time you add a fountain to your garden. Fountains are the epitome of beauty and provide a touch of elegance to the home. Whether you want to unwind in the garden with your family or want to invite friends over to your home, a fountain will help create a calm and pleasant ambience. When it comes to the design of fountains, there are endless options to explore. Ranging from the minimalist fountain to a decorative design, you can choose the fountain that suits your home’s decor.

So, if you are planning to install a fountain in your garden, here are some innovative and unconventional fountain ideas for home.

LED fountain

An LED water fountain gives the home a stunning and vibrant look. Some LED water fountains come with programmable LEDs. By synchronising the LED with the water flow, you can create an ambience that will captivate your guests. Try to incorporate different colours to give a surreal touch to the fountain. Opt for colours that gel with the water flow. You can install the water fountain indoors or in your garden. The fountain can act as a decorative piece and attract favourable glances from visitors. 

Mini pond fountain

A mini pond fountain can be easily installed in the garden or backyard and can be created without any professional help. Purchase an elegant basin and install it at a convenient spot which receives adequate sunlight. Place a submersible fountain pump fitted with a nozzle in the middle or side of the basin to give a waterfall effect. To give the pond a realistic look, embellish it with pebbles, water plants, and some aquatic life. Now you have a great place where you can spend quality time with your family and friends. 

Stacking rock fountain

If you are unable to visit a waterfall located in a picturesque destination, why not make one at home? In a selected spot place a basin over a submersible pump. Creatively align the rocks on the basin after you have filled it with water. Ensure that the tubing attached to the pump is not visible. To create an authentic appeal, place pebbles around the basin. Now switch on the pump and watch the majestic water flowing over the rocks. Besides enhancing the home’s aesthetics, the fountain will also provide a tranquil environment. 

Wind-powered fountain 

People are becoming more environmentally conscious and are increasingly opting for eco-friendly products. You can give your home a green and clean touch by installing a wind-powered fountain. Besides a basin, tubing and fountain head, you also need to buy a small wind turbine and wind-driven mechanism. This will create momentum in the water and make your fountain look realistic.

Bird bath fountain

Do you want to add a decorative element to your home and at the same time quench the thirst of birds? If yes, a bird bath fountain is the right choice for you. To create an ideal fountain, you will require a basin and a fountain mechanism. However, you can opt for the design and style of the fountain according to your preferences. The bird bath fountain will further enhance your living space by attracting various birds who will come here in search of water. But keep the bird bath fountain well-maintained to ensure that birds get clean water.

Floating flower fountain

Flowers make the surroundings look graceful and also spread a pleasant fragrance. They look all the more captivating when placed in a fountain. A floating flower fountain is amongst the most innovative and unique types of fountains. Besides the usual products that will help you create a fountain, you will also need a few exotic flowers. Moneywort, Water Lettuce, Water Hyacinth, and Mosaic Flower are a few flowers that you can consider adding to your floating flower fountain. When placed in an outdoor setting, the fountain increases the home’s beauty.

Mist fountain

Create a dreamlike experience for your family by creating a foggy fountain. Most fountains use a water jet system. But a mist fountain uses a fogging system which helps create a mist. To create an ethereal environment around the fountain, you can use LED lights of various hues. 

Sculpture fountains

Though sculpture fountains are quite common, they are also alluring. You can choose the type of sculpture depending on your preference, the size of the garden and the home’s decor. Hire professionals to create a sculpture in the form of human, animals or aquatic life. The water will flow out of the mouth and into the basin. Unlike sculpture fountains found in parks, you can opt for a miniature sculpture fountain.