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A Complete Guide to Rainbow Colour Wall Painting

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Posted on
Jul 22, 2023

The rainbow is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena we are blessed with. It is no wonder, then, that there are a number of myths and folklore associated with rainbows. The ancient Greeks believed that Goddess Iris revealed herself to mankind in the form of a colourful rainbow. The Irish believe that Leprechauns bury pots of gold at the end of a rainbow and can be found by the discerning seeker. Some Africans worshipped the rainbows representing the arched bows of the Gods. Chinese traditions, too, revere the rainbow. The ancient Indian guidelines of architectural design and interior decoration, Vastu Shastra, also holds rainbows as sacred symbols.

Kids' Room Rainbow

Parents often want to paint rainbow murals in kids' rooms. While babies start discerning colours early on, toddlers are intensely curious about bright colours and shapes. Rainbow murals are natural mood elevators and bring joy and imagination into your child's life. As such, painting a rainbow in the child's room can have more benefits than merely adding to the aesthetics. This may also be a very effective tool to teach your child the V-I-B-G-Y-O-R (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red) colour spectrum. Here is a complete guide to rainbow colour wall painting.

Types of Rainbow Murals 

Rainbows represent creativity and beauty, and your wall art should reflect your imagination or love of DIY crafts. Look up Instagram or Pinterest for various rainbow murals.

  • Traditional Rainbows – The traditional rainbow, with seven colours, is a timeless favourite. This can be painted in the regular bow shape or can be used to form interesting running designs.
  • Boho Rainbows – Boho rainbows typically refer to wall art in the shape of rainbows but includes several design elements like dots and crosses instead of the seven colours.
  • Pastel Rainbows – Do not restrict yourself to the VIBGYOR colour palate. Use pastel shades to replace these colours if it suits the room's aesthetics.
  • Dripping Rainbows – A dripping rainbow can be a splash of the regular seven colours or can be any shape drawn with these to form an interesting colour drip pattern.

How to Paint A Rainbow Mural?

  • Use colourful chalk to draw the rainbow mural. The rainbow can be wide, narrow, or lopsided - let your imagination run wild. You can add an outline of a cloud or stars.
  • Use masking tape to differentiate the different colours and to mark the borders. You may want to use small strips of tape to make a perfect arch. Use a scale to make the arches equal.
  • Use a wide brush or roller to paint each colour. Invest in sample-size colour cans to economise on your paint expenditure. Once the paint has dried, remove the masking tape and paint on the border. Now paint the cloud or stars.
  • Place a few floor plants or hanging planters in front of the rainbow to give it some depth.

Rainbow Wall Art for Other Rooms

A splash of rainbow colours can immediately bring joy and excitement and lift the mood. Rainbow-coloured wall painting can come in many forms. Here are some designs that are perfect for your living room, study, or bedroom.

  • Roses with petals of assorted colours make the best wall art. You can use this for your living room accent wall or your home office or studio for inspiration.
  • Rainbow mosaic paintings are all the rage now. Pick any abstract design or geometric design. Use square or triangular-shaped units of different colours to complete the mosaic design.  
  • Another trendy wall art that can add wonders to your home is the painting of a natural object, such as a tree or a group of butterflies. Use different rainbow colours to paint the leaves or wings and watch the magic unfold.

Significance of Rainbow Colours

Let us take a look at the significance of the seven colours and the benefits they bring to your home, according to Vastu Shastra.

  • Violet signifies luxury, imagination, and individuality
  • Indigo signifies wisdom, awareness, and intuition
  • Blue signifies relaxation, communication, and peace
  • Green signifies growth, prosperity, and abundance
  • Yellow signifies joy, bounty, and blessings
  • Orange signifies ambition, endurance, and strength
  • Red signifies passion, power, and health

Including all these colours in your home brings a great deal of positive energy and also helps in harmonising the various elements that these colours represent. 


A rainbow colour wall painting will bring joy and happiness into your household. It is a very popular theme for a mural or a decal. If you are keen on more elaborate wall art with rainbow colours, you may want to commission a whole-wall painting using these beautiful and bold colours.