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Apartment Vs Villa: Which Is Better for Investment

Blox Social
Posted on
Feb 28, 2023

The pros and cons of owning villas vis-à-vis apartments are matters of intense debates among homeowners. Personal preferences and pragmatic considerations colour these debates but as a prospective home owner, it is important that you understand the advantages of both types of properties before you make an investment. There is not simple answer to the question – Villa or apartment, which is better? The decision is often a matter of balancing budget with comfort.

Advantages of owning a villa 

  • Space – The most significant advantage villas offer the owners is the luxury of space. Villas typically have at least three bedrooms with additional living, dining, and balcony areas. The availability of the terrace space and balconies makes for an open home with lots of room.
  • Light and ventilation – One of the reasons homeowners prefer villas to apartments is the availability of natural light and cross ventilation. Most apartments in busy neighbourhoods are crammed buildings, and open spaces are difficult to come by. Villa owners also tend to minimise energy bills with lower air-conditioning and lighting needs.
  • Privacy – Villa owners enjoy a great deal of privacy. Unlike apartment residents, they are not bound by guidelines pertaining to visitor hours or need to keep the music down, worry about their conversations being heard by neighbours, or even bound by pet rules. Even in cases where the distance between villas is small, residents enjoy a lot more privacy than apartment owners.
  • Lifestyle – Villas offer space, time, and comfort to indulge in your hobbies and lifestyle choices. Make space for a kitchen garden in the backyard, hone your pottery skills on the terrace, or put up scary decorations on Halloween – live the life you always wanted.
  • ROI – Villas come with the land on which they are constructed. This tends to make them more expensive but in the long term, the value of villas appreciates much more than the price of apartments.

Advantages of owning an apartment 

  • Cost - Apartments are inexpensive when compared to villas. An independent building or a duplex can cost between 3 and 5 times the price of a flat or an apartment in the same neighbourhood. For most young professionals and first-time home buyers, this is beyond their budget.
  • Low maintenance – Most apartment complexes are maintained by resident associations or societies. They charge every resident a standard amount each month, and the contributions go towards monthly maintenance and building a kitty for future repairs. In the case of villas, the entire cost is borne by the owner.
  • High rental yield – Apartments or flats can be easily rented out, creating an additional source of income for the homeowner. Most young professionals or families who look to lease or rent prefer apartments due to their compact nature and low maintenance needs.
  • Better security – Apartment complexes typically have better security features than villa societies. The very nature of flats or apartments makes them less prone to intrusions. Apartment societies focus on security and do not let unauthorised persons enter the building.
  • Location – It is common to find high-rises with apartments, flats, condos and such units in the centre of the city. Villa communities are typically located in the suburbs or fringes of the city, making commutation difficult.

Villa or Apartment – Which is Better?

Both villas and apartments come with their own advantages and disadvantages. The right option is one that suits your and your family’s needs best. Budget and location considerations are important factors when deciding between an apartment and a villa. In case you are ambiguous, it is a good idea to speak to people living in both residential properties and listen to their lived wisdom. A site visit to the villa society or apartment complex can often help clarify the matter. The facilities and amenities offered by them can often help you decide.

Investment and financial planning

There are some key differences when it comes to investing in villas and apartments. These merit a close study before you decide to buy. Villas are much more expensive but are also expected to appreciate more in the long run. On the other hand, apartments can be easily bought with home loans, and the EMI payments are much lower than expected for a villa purchase. Land value and location should be important points to consider when you buy the property for investment purposes.

Find Expert Help

Be it a villa or an apartment, whichever you choose to buy, you must find RERA-registered projects that meet your needs. Choose a developer with a track record of delivering high-quality residential real estate and sticking to the promised delivery schedule. Blox helps connect you with the top developers in Mumbai and the city’s suburbs. Our relationship manager will help you decide on the perfect investment property in your budget and choice of the locality.