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Art and Feng Shui: How to Bring in Positive Energy

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Posted on
May 22, 2023

Owning and decorating a home to suit one's aesthetic sensibilities is the culmination of most people's dreams. Art adds beauty, creativity, colour, and inspiration to the home. It brings joy and balance. And that is also the core philosophy of Feng Shui, the traditional Chinese art of decorating homes and offices to bring harmony and balance. According to the tenets of Feng Shui, your home environment can be optimised to bring joy, positivity, and success by paying attention to the type of art you install and its placement. Let us take a look at the best way to do this.

Feng Shui Art Dos and Don'ts

  • Red, orange, ochre, and purple are all colours that represent the fire elements. They add vitality, passion, and warmth to the household. Placing these in your home office or kitchen is a good idea. The fire element is stronger when placed in the southern wall of the room or even your home for the best results.
  • Feng Shui warns against placing water images, particularly those that may bring disruptive energies into your household. A painting of a ship caught in a storm is completely prohibited. It is also not advisable to have pictures of waterfalls, swirling whirlpools, turbulent waters, surfers etc., in the home as this type of art brings commotion and confusion. Typically, water art is not a good idea for bedrooms.
  • The water element can, however, bring a great deal of stability and success when used correctly. A koi pond, for example, is a very peaceful and calming image and can bring success in one's career and prosperity into the household. The best placement for this type of artwork is the Money Corner – the far-left corner you can see, looking in from the entrance of your door.
  • The eastern direction represents the rising sun. It is an area that focuses on health, family, new opportunities, and aspirations. A painting or framed image of a calm bamboo tree, flowers or green meadows, birds on branches, or even flower bouquets are a good addition to the eastern wall. In fact, the eastern wall should not be empty. A calming image of a wooded area makes for strong family connections.
  • Just like our lives, our homes too are made up of different elements. The western wall, or the western side of the home, represents the metal element. It is the part of the house that stimulates creativity and artistic endeavour. It is a good idea to install beautifully designed metal artwork on this wall but remember to avoid installations with sharp or pointy edges.

Artwork to Avoid

Feng Shui focuses on the theme and the placement of artwork in your home to attract positive energies. However, some popular art themes go against the diktats of this traditional science and are best avoided.

  • Images of lonely or veiled women, tribal soldiers, aggressive beasts like lions or tigers, caged birds, and sunsets, though commonly used to enhance the aesthetic appeal, are best avoided.
  • Photo gallery walls are another popular favourite but go against the guidelines of Feng Shui. Place one large family portrait and a few select photo frames around the home but avoid too many pieces as this invites clutter.
  • Abstract geometric figures with straight lines and sharp angles attract negative energies. Soft curves, circular art, and flowing lines are a wonderful choice, though.

Final Words

Shopping for beautiful paintings, tastefully designed prints, and wall art can be a wonderful experience. These Feng Shui directives can help bring happiness and joy into your household.

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