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Artistic Abode: Creative and Crafty Bedroom Ideas for Girls

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Posted on
Sep 14, 2023

A daughter is a blessing to any household. Whether you are a new parent, planning a nursery for your baby girl, or decorating a separate room for your teen daughter, you would like to explore all your options. It can be somewhat confusing as there are endless design ideas that you can consider for your little princess. While most of the ideas would comprise the basic hues and Barbie themes, we have a number of creative and crafty bedroom ideas that will truly revamp your daughter’s room.

Let us explore some of the quirkiest bedroom ideas for girls that you must consider:

Add a Swing 

If you plan on giving your little one’s room an artistic and playful addition, you should consider adding a swing. This will not only enhance the aesthetic value of the space but will also ensure that your daughter never loses her playful side. You can even consider adding a swinging chair on which she can read a book. This would be an amazing hangout corner as well for when she has her friends over. You can even add some throw pillows and a comfy blanket on the swing chair to make that space a lot cosier. 

Invest in a Nice Wallpaper 

Adding a cute wallpaper is one of the easiest bedroom ideas for girls. Yet, it is the most effective way of giving any room a whole new look. For your daughter’s room, you can consider getting wallpaper with floral motifs that go well with the overall theme of the space. For baby girls, you can consider getting one with cartoon characters. Usually, pastels are preferred by new parents as they create a peaceful environment which can help them as well as their little ones. Wallpapers can easily bring a lot of personality to a room. And with the right design and colour palate, you can transform the entire look and feel of the room. 

Bring in Sunshine 

Letting in sunshine is important, not only for your interiors but also for your daughter. Natural light can help enhance the overall growth and development of a child. It will help them feel a lot more energetic and attentive. It is also said that natural light can help elevate one’s mood. So, overall, this will help your little one focus better on her studies and be more active. Not to mention, sunlight will make the room a lot brighter and fresher. With less light, the space can look dull and hazy and can even make your child tired and lethargic. 

Add a Pop of Colour 

There are a number of ways in which you can add some vibrant hues to your daughter’s room. The best thing is this can be done in an effortless manner. You can either add a statement art piece in the room, or you can simply put a play area in the corner with some fun toys. This will add a playful touch to the space that will stimulate your kid to spend some time in engaging activities. You can also consider adding a bookshelf with some interesting books that will motivate your little one to read more and, in turn, learn something new every day. 

Add a Blank Canvas

Other than a splash of colour, you can also consider leaving one corner blank. This will give your little one the opportunity to create something all by herself. This will help unleash a creative side of your kid. You can simply hang some plywood or a black/whiteboard, which will motivate them to doodle, paint, or sketch. By giving this chance, you might be able to unravel the hidden talents your little one has. 

You can even create a DIY corner for her. Here, you can add some different toys, cardboard, crayons, paints, and paper. A small addition like this would help your little one know more about different textures, colours, shapes, and sizes. This will help them create something new every day and will enhance their overall growth and development. 


There are endless options when it comes to bedroom ideas for girls. We are sure that these creative and quirky ideas will help you revamp the overall look and appeal of your little one’s bedroom in the most effortless way possible.