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Balancing Energy and Creativity: Vastu-Recommended Colours for Your Kids Room

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Posted on
Oct 20, 2023

The principles of Vastu Shastra continue to guide aspects like home design, construction, interior layouts, colour schemes and more. Vastu Shastra is the ancient science and art of fusing the five core elements, namely the sky, air, fire, water, and earth to create a better environment in any space. Architectural principles integrating Vastu elements may lead to a boost in health, wealth, positive energies and prosperity for home occupants. Coming to the need for sound Vastu design and architectural principles, every room in a house has its own unique identity and characteristics. For instance, have you thought about the right child room colour as per Vastu

Children spend a lot of time in their own rooms, finishing their academic activities, doing homework, reading, playing games and even sleeping. Hence, the colour of the room should be in accordance with Vastu Shastra principles. This will ensure that your children witness more happiness and prosperity in their lives. 

Best Child Room Colour as Per Vastu 

The best child room colour as per Vastu can be chosen from the options listed below: 

  • Green- It is a symbol of success and growth. The colour will infuse more positive energy into your child’s room, while helping inculcate a forward-looking outlook too. 
  • Blue- Blue is one of the most positive colour options for childrens’ rooms. Children who are highly active may find this colour to be beneficial in calming down the energies of the space. However, if there is a window towards the north-eastern direction, blue should be avoided. 
  • Light Yellow- Light yellow is another good colour option for balancing out mood swings among children while also enhancing overall behavioural patterns. This will not only create a brighter vibe in your child’s room but also uplift his/her mood with ease. 
  • Purple- This is one of the most relaxing and calming colours that you can use for your kid’s room. It will help your child relax better with a more peaceful and serene ambience. The colour may also enhance sleeping patterns among children. 

Colours that You Should Avoid

While you know about the best child room colour as per Vastu now, you should also have an understanding of what you should avoid. Some of the avoidable colours include the following: 

  • Loud colours should be avoided. You should not opt for bold yellow hues or even mango orange. Such colours may hinder concentration as far as your child is concerned. 
  • Red is not always a favourable colour for your child’s room since it may lead to flared tempers. 
  • Orange is another colour that is not ideal for your kid’s room in case it receives ample direct sunlight. However, if the room does not receive direct sunlight, then you can consider using orange instead to brighten up the space. 
  • Avoid using dark blue since it may harm the health and happiness of your children as per Vastu guidelines. Black is another colour that should not be present in the wallpapers, bedsheets, curtains, pillows and carpets. It may lead to negative emotions otherwise. 

You should keep these pointers in mind while choosing the child room colour as per Vastu. You should also go for study tables in yellow which is indicative of knowledge and may help your children focus better. Doors are better coloured with pastel shades. Avoid brightly-coloured doors that open towards the south or west, since it may negatively affect the behaviour of your child. Bright colours should be avoided for doors opening in these directions. Vastu Shastra puts high emphasis on colours and how you use them. 

Make sure that you follow these tips while designing and planning your child’s room. They will infuse greater prosperity, health, happiness and positivity into your kid’s life. The space should be welcoming and relaxing while also helping your child concentrate and focus better on his/her tasks. Hence, keeping this as your core objective, focusing on the right colour for the room and furniture items should be on the top of your agenda. Vastu Shastra is a timeless and age-old science that continues to be relevant even in modern times. Hence, following its principles may help you usher good luck and happiness into your home and hearth.