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Balancing Energy: Vastu Tips for Attached Bathrooms and Toilets in the Bedroom

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Posted on
Nov 3, 2023

When it comes to Vastu Shastra, the significance of bathrooms and toilets often goes overlooked during home construction. Only a few would understand the substantial impact that these spaces could have on the overall vibe of your home. So, neglecting Vastu for attached bathroom and toilet in bedroom is something that you should not be doing.

And this makes even more sense today as the prevalence of flats and apartments in urban living has increased. There are a number of people who have attached bathrooms and toilets these days. This shift is majorly driven by convenience and even space constraints. So, before you finalise your house map, here are a few tips that you must know:

Optimal Entrance Placement

The placement of the entrance door plays a major role, not only when it comes to the Vastu for attached bathroom and toilet in bedroom, but also to the overall ambience of the space. According to Vastu principles, the entrance of attached bathrooms and toilets should ideally be on the north or east wall. So, ensure that you avoid placing the door in the South-West direction. Moreover, one needs to be sure that the door remains closed when not in use.

Consider Apartment Orientation

Other than picking the right placement of the doo, it is also important to ensure that your attached bathroom aligns correctly with the overall space of your bedroom. This becomes a lot more important when purchasing a ready-to-move-in apartment. As per Vastu Shastra, North-West or West are two suitable toilet directions. However, the southern direction is also an acceptable second option that you can also consider. But one should ensure they avoid constructing toilets in the northeastern or eastern corners.

Elevated Bathroom Design

At times, spacing can be a huge issue, which might force you to overlook the Vastu factor of your attached bathroom or toilet. Moreover, creating a spacious bathroom can be challenging due to area constraints. In this case, Vastu suggests elevating the toilet slightly above ground level. When the toilet area is elevated, it can help with a positive energy flow in the entire space. Moreover, this is an amazing hack for small bathrooms.

Strategic Toilet Placement

For flush toilets or commodes, it is crucial to follow Vastu guidelines when it comes to positioning. It is advisable to place them in the southeast or northwest direction. This means that they should be facing either north or south direction. Thus, it is important for one to avoid positioning them in the west or east directions.

Add Some Colours

Feel free to add a touch of freshness with a few plants in your bathroom. When it comes to wall colours, while there is no strict rule, it is advisable to opt for light shades such as white, grey, or pink. You can also incorporate indoor plants like spider plants into your washroom, as they play a significant role in absorbing negative energy, creating a harmonious and positive environment within your bathroom.

Washing Machine Placement

As discussed earlier, washrooms could not always be very spacious and thus might not be able to accommodate additional equipment like washing machines. But if yours is capacious enough, there are a few rules for placement that you should know about. If you plan to place a washing machine in your washroom, you should opt for southwest or northwest corner. This will ensure a positive energy flow in your house.

Proper Ventilation

Another important factor that you must consider is the ventilation of your washroom. Without proper airflow, negativity can be sensed in the surroundings. To ensure that you maintain Vastu for attached bathroom and toilet in bedroom, you should consider picking North, East, or West for windows. You should even consider hanging light-coloured curtains to preserve privacy. This will also allow natural light to filter through and thus keep the bathroom well-lit, fresh, and dry.


Adhering to the guidelines set for Vastu for attached bathroom and toilet in bedroom can help you maintain a positive energy flow throughout the house and make the environment a little more optimistic. Not to mention, following these rules can even help in keeping you and your family members’ mentally and physically healthy.  

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