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Balcony Decoration Ideas with Lights: Creating a Cozy Outdoor Retreat

Blox Social
Posted on
Aug 29, 2023

A balcony is one of the most significant parts of a home. Recently it has attained greater prominence, especially in mega cities that are witnessing space constraints and rapid depletion of green spaces. A well-maintained and spacious balcony overlooking a panoramic view can serve as a perfect place to spend precious time with your family, or to have an outing with your guests. However, if you use your creativity wisely, you can give a stunning look to your balcony by decorating it with some unique and alluring lights.

So here are some balcony decoration ideas with lights to help you turn your balcony into a fabulous outdoor retreat. 

Rope lights for a pleasant look

Rope lights are one of the most affordable and aesthetically pleasing decorative items and can transform your balcony’s appearance. Rope lights comprise small bulbs that are connected to each other to form a chain of lights. The bulbs are encased within a cylinder that is usually made of plastic. Rope lights are available in various colours and though they emit low light, these strings of lights will provide your balcony with vibrancy. So give a festive look to your balcony by installing rope lights on the railing. 

Go traditional with lamps 

Lamps are among the most extraordinary decorative items. Lamps range from the plain to the highly decorative. If you want a vintage appeal, you can opt for an old fashioned lamp that depicts intricate designs. However, if you want an inexpensive, yet sophisticated lighting system, go for paper lamps. You can also experiment with table lamps or solar-powered pendant lamps. Whatever lamp you choose, make sure that it suits your home’s decor. 

Hanging lanterns for a rustic look

If you are looking for countryside decor, install some hanging lanterns at select places on your balcony. Besides a rustic look, they will brighten up the area and enable you to share some joyous moments with your loved ones. A hanging lantern fitted with candles will create a charming ambience; however, if you want bright lights, choose LEDs instead of candles. 

Elegant glass globes

Glass globes are stunning and can make any place more aesthetically appealing. They will especially look good on the balcony. Balconies usually comprise minimal embellishments. So for a majestic appeal, hang a string of glass globes on the balcony. Besides making your evenings more enjoyable, your balcony will also get appreciative glances from passersby.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights are minute and will add grace to your balcony. Even on regular days, fairy lights will give a festive feel and create a joyous ambiance. To make the surroundings more interesting, place some fairy lights in glass vases and hang them at prominent places in the balcony. These lights not only enhance the balcony’s decor, they also lighten up the mood.

Add sparkle with luminous furniture 

If you do not wish to install LEDs or lamps on your balcony but still want enough light, you can opt for luminous furniture. Tables, chairs or other furniture fitted with LEDs and emitting soft lights of varying hues can create a surreal ambiance. Luminous furniture is also light on the eyes because it does not emit any harsh glares. In addition, it can lighten up your mood and make the evening more pleasurable. 

Variety of lights 

If you feel that a single set of lights can make your balcony appear mundane, you can experiment with a variety of lights. Place different types of lights at various corners. For example, you can embellish the railings with rope lights and the ceiling with hanging lanterns. Meanwhile, a table lamp placed on a table next to your luminous chair and candles in the middle and corners of the balcony will make your evenings seem more vibrant. 


A balcony is a family’s personal haven where they can spend precious moments in solitude or socialise with each other. That is why a balcony should be well-decorated and have a peaceful ambiance. You can make your balcony more enchanting by decorating it with unique and stylish lights. Creatively using the lights that match your preferences and your home’s decor, you will be able to create a balcony that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Hopefully these balcony decoration ideas with lights with enable you to create a cozy outdoor retreat