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Benefits of Investing in Real Estate Properties in Kalyan

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Posted on
Jan 20, 2023

The (MMRDA)Mumbai's Metropolitan Region Development Authority has very evidently declared Kalyan's potential to be the micro-markets growth centre. Over the years, Kalyan has emerged as one of the most viable and lucrative locations to invest in. Real estate property in Kalyan is becoming sought after for many reasons, such as its booming infrastructural development and nearness to Bhiwandi, the largest logistics hub. It boasts numerous social facilities and a well-connected transportation system, deeming it one of the most suitable businesses and residential real estate choices for people. The best thing about real estate property in Kalyan is that anyone can seek their dream home within their budget. There are numerous reasons Kalyan is a great real estate investment.

Benefits of investing in real estate property in Kalyan

1. Improved connectivity through infrastructural advancements

Kalyan-Dombivli has been included in the Smart City Mission, triggering the region's never-ending infrastructure growth and transportation. The development of the Bhiwandi-Kalyan strip will be the best connectivity solution for this area in the future. The construction of Metro Line 5, which is a 24.9 km long elevated line, is intended to connect 17 stations from Thane to Kalyan. This will significantly reduce commuters' transportation time, resulting in more migration of people to Kalyan. The Virar-Alibaug eight-lane Modal Corridor, which is under construction and expected to be operational soon, will further act as a catalyst to ease commuting.

2. Affordable Housing Solutions

A quick price evaluation will help potential homemakers realise the affordability of this region. A one- BHK apartment with an area ranging from 300 sq. ft to around 392 sq. ft in Khadakpada or Thane costs approximately ₹50 Lakhs, but one can buy almost double that size, two BHK, around 650 sq. ft within the same price range. 

3. Market expansion that is expected to create employment opportunities 

Bhiwandi, Kalyan, and the surrounding areas are emerging into extensive logistics and warehousing hubs for leading brands. Over the past few years, many multinationals have shifted their base from Central Business Districts in Mumbai to more affordable and accessible areas like Thane, Navi Mumbai and Kalyan-Bhiwandi. The shift has been due to affordable property rates, improved land availability and easy connectivity and is expected to create significant employment opportunities.

4. Great Social Infrastructure

Another benefit of investing in real estate property in Kalyan is the existing and upcoming social infrastructural projects. Kalyan has many outstanding colleges, schools, hospitals, sports complexes, malls and recreational areas to its credit. The Bhiwandi-Kalyan corridor is expected to bring in a lot of investment by private players for social infrastructure projects as a large population is expected to flock to this part of town. The attractive residential property prices, fast speed at highways, railways and metro lines are being developed, and looming employment opportunities are providing an impetus to top-notch social infrastructural development here.

5. Designated Smart City

Kalyan has been selected as a Smart City by Maharashtra's government and is expected to show unparalleled growth in the coming decade – better than any of its counterparts in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. The Smart City will comprise public amenities and integrated systems in every vital area, such as water, power, health care and sanitation. The Smart City plan encompasses 20 projects, of which three have been successfully executed until now -  a ten metric-ton bio-methanation plant in Umbarde, automated solid waste management and segregated trash bins at the house level.

To conclude, the Bhiwandi-Kalyan Corridor is undergoing rapid development like none other. These infrastructural advancements and innovative city initiatives will result in a 360-degree transformation of this city. This is why Kalyan will be able to offer benefits like employment opportunities, access to social infrastructure, accessibility and connectivity, as well as real estate affordability. The self-sufficiency offered by this region is the most excellent reason to invest in it and thrive as it booms. 

You can check out verified real estate properties in Kalyan on Blox. Through virtual tours, constant updates and designated relationship managers, we ensure that your investment is a well-informed decision

Is Kalyan a good place to invest?

Yes, Kalyan is a promising place to invest. Its strategic location in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region provides good connectivity to Mumbai, Thane, and Navi Mumbai. The area is witnessing infrastructure development, which enhances its appeal for investors. Kalyan offers a range of residential and commercial options at comparatively affordable prices compared to the city center. The potential for future growth and increasing demand make it an attractive investment destination.

Which area is best in Kalyan?

Determining the "best" area in Kalyan depends on individual preferences and specific requirements. Kalyan West and Kalyan East are popular residential localities with good connectivity and essential amenities. Dombivli, adjacent to Kalyan, is another well-developed area worth considering. It is advisable to visit these areas, explore the amenities and infrastructure, and then make an informed decision.

Is Kalyan a good city?

Yes, Kalyan is a good city to live in. It benefits from a strategic location in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, offering excellent connectivity. The city has witnessed infrastructural development, offers essential amenities, and provides relatively affordable housing options. Kalyan also enjoys natural beauty with its surrounding hills and rivers.

Is Kalyan an expensive city?

No, Kalyan is not considered an expensive city compared to the central areas of Mumbai. The cost of living, including housing, is relatively more affordable in Kalyan.

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