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Celebrity Homes: Visiting B'wood Diva Kareena Kapoor's Luxurious Bandra Apartment

Blox Social
Posted on
Sep 27, 2023

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor have a special place in our hearts. This reel-to-real-life power couple is just what we love about our silver-screen celebrities. Apart from having had immense success individually, they have built a life of beauty, luxury, and glamour together. Avid fans closely follow the couple's fashionable lifestyle, expensive wardrobe, latest cars, and, above all, expansive homes. Apart from the stately Pataudi Palace in Gurgaon, the couple have several other real estate properties in India and abroad, but their home is in India's favourite city, Mumbai.

Let us take a tour of Bebo, a.k.a. Kareena Kapoor's house in Bandra.

Star-studded Bandra

If there is one neighbourhood that takes the cake for being a powerhouse of Bollywood actors, directors, and media moguls, Bandra has to be it. Thus, it is no surprise that Saif and Kareena made this upscale and star-studded neighbourhood their home soon after the couple wed in 2012. Back then, Kareena had moved into Saif's apartment in Fortune Heights, a building known for its famous residents. With the couple having two lovely children, however, they decided to invest in a large and elegant apartment in Satguru Sharan building in the year 2021.

Sophisticated Charm with Urban Chic

Kareena Kapoor's house in Bandra is a story of contrasts brought together in seamless elegance. Designed by Darshini Shah, the celebrated interior designer who also helped Imtiaz Ali and Karthik Aryan with their dream homes, this apartment is spread over four floors and exudes charm and sophistication. It is clear that this is a family home that is warm and inviting and a place where both the Pataudi and Kapoor family members love spending time. However, the large balcony and private pool seem to be the favourite of Saif, Kareena, and the kids.

Open-air Oasis

One of the best advantages of living in Bandra is being able to enjoy uninterrupted views of the magnificent Arabian Sea. This home, however, takes this love of open spaces and breathtaking views to the next level with a large, sprawling open area. Part of this balcony is shaded with a blue and white canopy, while a large swimming pool and poolside seating occupy the rest. The white and black chequered flooring offers a stunning contrast to the preponderance of blue, and the colourful bougainvillaea creepers add a stunning burst of colour to this area. The balcony area doubles up as a yoga corner, play area, party spot, or relaxation corner – depending on what Kareena or Saif feels like on any given day.

Of French Doors and Photo Frames

Much of the home reflects an old-world charm and quiet elegance with just the right touch of liveliness. The extensive use of French doors and windows keeps the home brightly lit, complementing the use of cream and ivory on the walls and the upholstery. Like the classic poster bed, the solid teak furniture blends well with the collection of antiques, candles, chandeliers, and artwork showcased here.

Nearly every wall and every corridor are covered with framed photos of Saif and Kareena with family and friends. Their love of travel is evident from the curios and memorabilia from across the globe.

Library Love

The living room of this home is possibly the most attractive space, apart from the balcony, of course. With large soft couches and numerous cushions, a deep red Turkish carpet, wooden cupboards and more books and antiques, this space is just right for all the time the couple spends socialising.

The one space that both Kareen and Saif seem to hold dear, though, is the massive library in this home. Stocked with books from floor to ceiling, with mosaic glass lamps, wood and cane furniture pieces, and wooden flooring, this part of the home is a bibliophile's dream come true.

More Homes, More Life

Kareena Kapor's house in Bandra seems to be a chic and modern version of the Pataudi Palace, the royal Ibrahim Kothi, owned by Saif, the 10th Nawab of Pataudi. Apart from this, the couple owns a picturesque chalet in the alpine town of Gstaad in Switzerland. Nestled in the heart of the towering Alps, this town is the favourite ski resort and getaway of many famous celebrities from around the globe. It seems to be Kareena and Saif's favourite vacation spot and home as well.