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Chaitra Navratri: All You Need to Know About the Importance of the Festival

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Posted on
Mar 15, 2023

The second most celebrated Navratri among Hindus worldwide, Chaitra Navratri was named after Vasantha, which stands for Spring. The nine-day festivities are usually observed between the lunar month of March-April, devoted to Goddess Durga, worshipping her nine forms. The last day is Rama Navami, marking the birthday of Rama. In many regions, the festival falls after or during the spring harvest, also celebrating the first day of the Hindu lunisolar calendar. 


A nine-day celebration honouring Goddess Durga, Chaitra Navratri, is observed with great enthusiasm and devotion across the country, engaging in practices like fasting, worshipping nine different forms of Goddess Durga, relishing the delicacies, and participating in devotional activities. Each of the nine days holds special importance for Maa Durga’s nine incarnations.


To be celebrated from March 22nd to 30th this year, Chaitra Navratri, devotees prepare themselves in the following ways, especially on Day One.


  • Beginning the first day of festivities, people worship Goddess Shailputri, also known as Hemvati and Parvati. The word Shaiputri has been derived from two words, Shai and Putri, which stand for mountain and daughter, respectively. 
  • Royal blue holds special emphasis, a bright blue shader representing richness and calmness. Devotees often prefer to don this shade of blue on this day. Others colours associated with the festival include red, blue, and yellow. 
  • Celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm, Vasanta Navratri begins with the Ghatasthapana ritual, performed during the Ghatasthapana mahurat, falling on Pratipada Tithi. The day holds great importance to start the festival by calling on Goddess Shakti via the ritual of Ghatasthapana. 


Below are some practices observed by the devotees during these nine holy days. 

  • An important ritual, Kalash Sthapana, is performed on day one of Chaitra Navaratri.
  • Akhand Deepak means bright lighting on all nine days, ensuring it never goes dim.
  • The house must be kept clean, and make sure to take a bath before doing any kind of puja, as it brings good luck. 
  • Wearing red clothes during pooja is considered auspicious during Navratri celebrations.
  • While observing fasting during Navratri, wheat and rice flour are prohibited. Use Kutta Atta instead.
  • Milk products and fruits are often used consumed during the fasting period.
  • Ringing in the chants of Durga Chalisa and the Saptashati on all the days of Navratri.
  • The festivities are also observed as a day of self-condemnation, and one should pray for the well-being of themselves and others. 


The relevance of dates holds a special significance in a country like ours, even more so when deciding on a special event or planning a purchase. Festivals have a lot of importance and are optimistic for making a big purchase, especially in the case of real estate, with the subject being no different for Chaitra Navratri. According to the Hindu calendar, buying a house during this nine-day-long festival helps to strengthen long-term promises. Commemorating the win of Durga Maa over Mahishasura means celebrating the good over evil. 


The Navratri festival marks the coming together of families and friends while carrying out the rituals and keeping up with the traditions. It also encourages buying real estate, entering new business deals, and other investments. 


Why is making a real estate investment in Chaitra Navratri considered prosperous?

·Chaitra Navratri Offers

Developers have many offers for potential buyers, especially first-time buyers, during these festivities. With the overall prices decreasing in the range between 5-10%. Hence, if you wish to buy a property during Chaitra Navratri 2023, ensure to benefit from zero costs for any consultation regarding deciding dates. 


·Making a property investment

Buying a house during Chaitra Navratri is considered auspicious, with factors like the client's engagement, building trust in the project's status, and the effects of prior advancements growing rapidly, with a spike in interest in commercial spaces. Today's developers are more aware of driving forces such as social infrastructure and connectivity, adding to it, providing special discounts on festivals, and luring potential buyers. 


·Home loan benefits

As developers look to attract buyers with attractive schemes, banks follow suit, offering lower interest rates in response to the increasing demand. During this period, several banks tend to waive administration and processing fees as buyers tend to benefit from reduced EMIs, larger ticket sizes, and longer terms. 


·Purchasing a home during Chaitra Navratri brings prosperity 

While making a property purchase, adhering to a special mahurat is always preferred. Nonetheless, this should not be the case during the nine-day festival period, given Navratri is one of the holiest times of the year, and any puja or mahurat is considered auspicious. Thus buying a home during this time shall bring prosperity and peace, especially for families. 



A time of celebration and festivity, Chaitra Navratri is an excellent opportunity to make investments, especially in the real estate sector. Hopefully, the above blog has helped you with an in-depth understanding of the nine-day festivities.