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Choosing the Perfect Wooden Door Design For Your Home

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Posted on
Oct 30, 2023

The main entranceway to your new home is the first impression of the ambience and warmth of your household. A solid wooden door exudes elegance and sophistication and makes a favourable impression. A well-designed door enhances the interiors of the home and adds to the value of your property as well.

Here is a complete guide to choosing the perfect wooden door for your home.

  • Picking the right material – Wood, glass, PVC, and stainless steel are some of the most common materials used for doors in modern homes. Wood is by far the most common and preferred, and different types of wood, like Teak, Deodar, and Sal, are gaining popularity due to their versatility. Picking the right wood for your door, however, requires an understanding of the functionality. Durability, soundproofing, water resistance, privacy, and security are important features that homeowners typically want. Getting the wooden door treated for termite and moisture resistance before installation is a good idea.
  • Choosing the style – Choosing the style and contours of your door will require an understanding of the overall theme for your interiors. Evaluating the space availability will determine the swing direction that best suits the door. Sliding doors with wooden frames are ideal for very small homes and also for large entranceways. It is important to consider the functionality as well. French doors or sliding doors may require to be reinforced with grills or net doors to keep intruders or pests at bay. As much as the door is a part of the home exterior, it must also match up with the interior décor you have planned for the living space.
  • Colour Choices – Some woods like Deodar are not a great option if you are looking for a coloured or stained door. Others like Sal may be better suited for paint jobs. Homeowners also look at wooden doors with designed ply or vinyl toppers to add colour and designs to their doors. However, if you are looking for a classic, timeless wooden door, this is best avoided. A dark Mahogany, Red Wood, or Burma Teak door can offer you natural colour options and wooden door designs of your choice.
  • Door Accessories – Polished wooden doors exude majesty and elegance without the need for additional accessories. However, there are several ways to enhance their appearance. Adding brass knockers, metallic frames, knobs, and handles can make a dark wooden door look more attractive. Furthermore, metallic rods or bars between wooden panels or boards can enhance the look of a dark wooden door made of Sheesham or Sal and give it a distinctive appearance.
  • Vastu and more – Your choice of door may also depend on Vastu guidelines and principles. According to these, the main door of a home is a conduit that allows positive energies to enter the home. Wooden doors bring in an earthy energy that is good for growth and prosperity. The wood must be robust and strong, and the design must be simple and elegant. Vastu Shastra also enjoins that the main door should be larger in contour than the other doors in the home. Using symbols like Om or the Swastik on the door is a good idea, but nameplates should not be mounted on the door. They are best placed on the wall beside the main door.

Bespoke wooden door designs

Homeowners want their homes to be beautiful and unique, and the entranceway is the first impression that your home makes on guests. Bespoke wooden door designs are growing increasingly popular because they blend aesthetics with functionality, giving your home a stunning look.

The advantage of ordering a bespoke door is that it can be tailor-made to fit the size and layout of your entrance, it can be customised to the right style and colour and adds a distinctive, signature look. Intricately carved wooden doors add a traditional charm reminiscent of rustic Indian homes.

Final words

Ready-to-install wooden doors are now available and are ideal for homeowners looking for ease and comfort. Handcrafted, bespoke doors add to the charm of your home and consider the specifications of your home. If you are unsure about the type of wood or the design that best fits your home, seek expert help from a professional carpenter specialising in wooden doors.