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Copper Sun Vastu and Its Significance to Homebuyers

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Posted on
Oct 22, 2023

Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian science of design, architecture, and décor. It is predicated on the idea that all living and non-living things are infused with the energies of the five gross elements – Earth, water, fire, air, and ether. The ideal approach to ergonomics harmonises these elements and facilitates the flow of positive energies into the home or workspace.

Apart from recognising that each direction is ruled by a celestial being (graha or planet) and a divine personality (deva), Vastu Shastra also ascribes certain energies to decorative items. According to the scriptures, a copper sun is one of the most powerful symbols of good luck, health, and abundance.

Let us look at the symbolism of the copper sun in Vastu Shastra.

Solar Influence On Human Life

The central star of our solar system, the sun, is referred to in Vastu texts as “jeevana kaaraka”. This translates into ‘giver of life’. The nomenclature seems quite apt because science endorses the view that the sun's rays sustain any life on Earth. The rays of the rising sun are acknowledged as auspicious symbols in several different cultures. Indeed, our life, health, and sustenance depend on the sun.

According to Vastu principles, displaying the picture, painting, or any décor item representing the sun brings new opportunities and joy into the family.

Copper Sun – Vastu Benefits

Copper is a reddish metal easily shaped into utensils, decor items, and different shapes. In most Indian homes, copper items are used in daily prayer rituals, religious rites, and interior decoration. Its natural colour makes it compatible with the energies of the rising sun. As symbolised in astrology and Vastu, copper items infuse any space with positive vibes and remove negative influences or doshas.

Speaking of the copper sun, Vastu guidelines profess strong benefits such as new opportunities, creativity, vibrance, and enthusiasm. Placing a copper sun in your home can make relationships harmonious and strengthen family bonds. It can also invite abundance and bring good health and healing benefits.

The copper sun decorative piece is ideal for homes with families and children. It is also a good addition to the homes of those who work in creative fields, business entrepreneurs, and students. Placing this décor piece aids healing and recuperation in homes where members have suffered a prolonged ailment.


The copper sun can be placed in any household or business space. It is free from doshas or negative impacts. In fact, it is highly recommended that a copper sun décor piece be added to a modern flat or apartment that does not strictly comply with Vastu guidelines as a means to eliminate any negative effects.

While this is true, placing the copper sun symbol in the right direction is also important to derive maximum benefits. The sun rises in the east, and this direction is ideal for placing your décor item as well. If this is not feasible, hanging the copper sun plate in the northeastern wall is a good idea.

It is important to remember that the west and south are inimical to the sun's energies, and the copper sun should not be placed in this direction. While the copper sun can remove the negative energies or blockages of cluttered spaces, it is best not to place it in a storage room, kitchen, or bedroom. Do not place the sun symbol on a wall shared by a bathroom or under a water tank. The foyer or living room is ideal for hanging this décor piece. Alternatively, it can be placed in the dining area or a corridor space.

Caring For Copper Sun

The sun is known for its radiant and powerful energy. This is the symbolism that the copper sun brings into your home. To make the best use of this décor piece and derive Vastu benefits, it is important to ensure that it remains well cared for and untarnished. Wash the decorative item with warm water and dish soap and dry immediately with a soft cloth. Use specialised creams to polish brass and copper items to keep it shining. Copper items are not damaged easily, but if the copper sun is dented or damaged, it is a good idea to repair or replace it immediately.

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