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Decoding the Realty Appeal: Kandivali-Malad's Rise as a Hotspot

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Posted on
Jan 10, 2024

With better homes and new buildings, plus being close to workplaces and having all the essential things nearby, it's become a popular choice for those looking to buy a new home. The neighbourhood's fantastic atmosphere stems from its convenient and easy-to-navigate surroundings, making it a stylish choice for individuals seeking a new place to settle down. Amidst all this excitement, Godrej Nest, Kandivali, steps onto the scene as a unique option, offering an excellent living space that adds to the area's overall charm.

Unparalleled Expansion Driven by Seamless Access and Connectivity

The escalating favorability of the western suburbs can be ascribed to their exceptional connectivity with diverse parts of Mumbai. Two major roadways, the Western Express Highway and Link Road, traverse the western suburbs, forging connections to South Mumbai and the bustling business districts of Goregaon and Andheri. 

The refinement of public transportation, exemplified by the metro rail network with stations at Malad and Kandivali, has effectively reduced commute times. Anticipated infrastructure undertakings like the Mumbai Coastal Road are poised to elevate connectivity further. Furthermore, the proposed airport in Navi Mumbai is a significant advantage for residents in the western suburbs.

Work, Play, and Everything: The Vibrant Lifestyle of Kandivali-Malad!

Living in Kandivali or Malad means near big work centres along the Western Express Highway, like Goregaon and Andheri. These places are filled with offices from different industries like media, banking, and IT. So, if you choose a home in Godrej Nest, Kandivali, you'll be close to the action!

Imagine having your workplace just a short hop away, cutting down on travel time. And not just that – you'll also have easy access to shopping and fun times at malls and movie theatres in these areas. Let's check out some cool places:

  • Mindspace, Malad: A busy area with many offices and cool business spaces.
  • Goregaon IT Park: This is where tech companies do their thing, creating a buzzing work atmosphere.
  • Infinity IT Park, Malad: A place filled with different offices and businesses – a hub of activity.
  • Nesco IT Park, Goregaon: A well-known tech and business spot attracting professionals.

Complete Lifestyle: Social Infrastructure Near Godrej Nest Kandivali

In the western suburbs, where Godrej Nest Kandivali stands tall, you're not just getting a home; you're stepping into a place with a solid social setup. Picture good schools, hospitals, shops, and more – all the things that complete life. And when it comes to fun, there are malls, movie theatres, clubs, and green spaces – everything you need for a great time. Kandivali and Malad, where Godrej Nest is, have big and small hospitals, top-notch schools, banks, eateries, and large stores. You name it, they have it!

Plus, let's talk about healthcare in Kandivali and Malad: Thunga Hospital Pvt Ltd., Dr Voras Premature Care Unit & General Hospital, and Hayyat Multispeciality Hospital are some of the best.
Educational Institutes: Looking at schools? In Malad and Kandivali, you've got Rejoice International School, Hello Kids Preschool and Day Care Centre, Little Wonders School, S E International School, Bunts Sangha's Shashikiran Shetty Educational Institution (Arathi Shetty International School), and Narayana E-Techno School. So, when you choose Godrej Nest Kandivali, you're not just picking a home – you're embracing a lifestyle where everything you need is right around the corner.

Discover Your Dream Home: Western Suburbs Have It All!

Whether hunting for a snug 1BHK nest in Kandivali or envisioning the lavish comfort of a 3BHK retreat in Malad, the western suburbs unfold housing options tailored to your every whim and budget. From affordable cosy corners to upscale havens, big-name developers like Godrej, Lodha, and Oberoi have crafted projects that redefine luxury living, complete with pools, gyms, and sports facilities.
These homes are crafted for families, with options for singles and working professionals, such as the chic Godrej Nest in Kandivali East. Boasting smart 1BHK and 2BHK layouts, this project is perfect for those embarking on their homeownership journey. 


The Kandivali-Malad region has recently transformed into an appealing residential centre due to its exceptional connectivity, well-established social and civic infrastructure, scenic green surroundings, and diverse housing choices. It is tailored to accommodate the requirements of homebuyers from various segments and provides a self-sustaining suburban lifestyle. With many positive attributes, it's evident why the western suburbs stand out as a preferred destination for those seeking property in Mumbai.

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