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Designing a Striking Red and White Kitchen - A Timeless Duo for Modern Culinary Creativity

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Posted on
Oct 25, 2023

The kitchen is where the magic unfolds! And, even if it is not the space in your abode where meals are cooked daily, you can still afford to take advantage of the opportunity to do it in the finest way possible to elevate your once-in-a-blue-moon cooking sessions. Even the smallest kitchen rooms may feel grandiose with the correct colour scheme. 

If you love Christmas, you will instantly go merry at the thought of the colours we discuss here. They can bring Christmas feels to your abode all the time! A red white kitchen can totally and truly be the showstopper of your abode thanks to the striking colour combination.

Whether you want to change your culinary abode or create a new kitchen from scratch, we have rounded up some of our best tips and tricks to help you bring that killer red and white colour combination to life!

Cherry Red for the Cabinets 

The tiniest of places can come to life with fine finishes. Cherry Red is a classic colour that exuberates timelessness and elegance. With a glossy or simplistic matte finish, cherry red solid-coloured cabinets go exceptionally well with gold-patterned marble shelves. In fact, not only does a kitchen with cherry colour look amazing, but cherry wood and cherry wood veneers look equally stunning. Finally, Cherry red has a charm of its own, making it appear warm and inviting and giving off fall-like vibes. It can be a good choice for lovers of cosy spaces. 

The Ruby Jewel Toned Red 

Ruby is gorgeous and royal. Ruby Red has an unrivalled appeal in the interior design world, one that you may use for your kitchen island and chairs to make it the focal point of everything white in the background. Ruby red is the colour to put in the spotlight, so choose it for your refrigerator, chimney, small appliances, cookware, cutlery, picture frames, or granite/marble shelf. If you prefer a retro aesthetic and are into collectables, try to check out timeless classics from the past for an in-built oven, chimney, or stove. 

A Burst of Hot Chilli Red 

The highlight of this red white kitchen is the not-so-expected splash of red! This splash of red is thoughtfully curated against a white background. This red can be employed as a hot red chimney that becomes the spotlight of the kitchen. Introduce red cutlery and utensils that are as intriguing and enticing as they can match the red in the kitchen as they peep from their positions. 

Red, White, and Golden Hardware

Think white with golden, and it automatically gives off a luxe factor. But, if you wish to add an exciting element to this combination or find it too plain for your liking, introducing red in this combination is a fabulous idea!

The gold hue in your kitchen space can be light fixtures, frames, plant pots, cutlery stands, cabinet pulls, and handles. The golden-hued pulls shine thanks to the white cabinets in the background. A red wall that peeps between the upper and lower cabinets adds interest to the kitchenscape. Wood accents can further the feel of this colour combination. A tried and tested wooden flooring or granite/ marble that matches the shelf stitches the look together. 

If you are looking for something relaxed and something that gives a 'lived-in' vibe, then you can consider the wall to have an exposed brick wall with white. This looks very casual yet very warm and inviting. 

Wood to balance that red, white kitchen 

Adding wood in the form of accents can bring the perfect amount of nature's colour palette to your space. Building further on hues from nature, we recommend introducing lots of plants in your cooking station. Plants have this charm of enlivening every place they inhabit. If you have a kitchen garden, try planting mint, cilantro, lemons, and everything you love to use in your food. The joy of cooking increases multi-fold when you use freshly hand-plucked ingredients. With warm natural hues of wood, you can also introduce warm lighting in the form of ceiling-suspended light fixtures atop the kitchen dining. 

In the End 

Red and white is a match made in heaven, and it can elevate the style quotient of even the tiniest kitchens. Try the above red & white kitchen styles out yourself, and you will know what we are discussing! It can be styled with golden hardware, marble or granite patterns, and wooden accents- endless possibilities! The best part, and also our favourite part, remains the timelessness and elegance of this ethereal colour combination.