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DIY Halloween Centrepieces: Frighteningly Fabulous Ideas

Blox Social
Posted on
Oct 11, 2023

Halloween is a fun holiday. Children enjoy the huge stash of candies and treats that they collect. As adults, we find this the perfect opportunity to let our imaginations run wild, dress up in silly costumes, and enjoy ourselves.

If you are planning to host a Halloween party that will be the talk of the town (or your neighbourhood, at least), a scary décor has to be on the top of your list of priorities. While door and wall decorations can be bought from stores, you must give your home the personal touch with a DIY centrepiece.

Here are 5 Halloween decoration ideas that require very little time and effort.

Frighteningly fun Halloween decoration ideas

  1. Ghost face scream mask – Transform your home into the ultimate Halloween destination for trick-or-treaters with a paper-mâché scream mask centrepiece. Use a fully inflated balloon as your base. Soak old newspaper sheets to create a pulp that can be stuck to the balloon. Add several layers and set to dry. Now, as the base dries, add a top coat and shape into the hooded scream mask ghost face. Dry the décor piece in the sun for it to set. Cut off the top and remove the balloon. Paint the scream face black with a white face and use it as a vase to hold dried twigs and leaves.
  2. Eerie carved pumpkin – Carving pumpkin is a part of Halloween traditions in most parts of the world. This can be a fun and enjoyable activity for children and adults alike. Use your family time a week before Halloween to carve out different faces and designs into hollowed-out pumpkins and set them out to dry. Use battery-operated, fairy, or tea lights to light them up and set them out as your table centrepiece for your party.
  3. Cauldron trouble – “Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble”. Create the bubbling cauldron right in the centre of your living room with some simple décor pieces and a lot of imagination. Find an old clay or aluminium, preferably one with a narrow neck. Paint it all black with some witchy symbols on the side. Set this up on a tealight holder with battery-operated orange lights to resemble a woodfire. Now, fill your cauldron with green glow-in-the-dark slime to resemble a boiling potion. You can add some dry ice for a smoky or foggy effect as your guests start to arrive.
  4. Witchy wonders – Witches stirring the cauldron and brewing their wicked concoctions is the ultimate Halloween décor piece. This is an incredibly popular Halloween decoration idea but also an all-time favourite. Making this centrepiece can be very easy and requires basic skills. Trace out large witches, a cauldron, brooms, and pointed hats onto a large black chart paper and cut along the traced lines. Place them on your dining or coffee tables and arrange green fairy lights for effect. This is an easy and enjoyable DIY decoration to create with your children. Add glow-in-the-dark glitter and accessories for a frightfully delightful display.
  5. Creepy crawly centrepieces - Creepy crawlies and Halloween go hand-in-hand. Creating a truly fun centrepiece for your living or dining space can be easy. Pick a few glass jars or translucent plastic jars. Use white and black colours to paint haunted house designs and place a light inside. Place a shallow dish near the neck of the jar and fill it up with plastic or silicone spiders, toy snakes and lizards. This Halloween decoration idea can be combined with black bat cut-outs with googly eyes or ghost silhouettes as well.

Trick or treat

If you are throwing a Halloween party this year, think beyond trick-or-treat. Give your guests the ultimate experience with cobwebs, eerie scarecrows, ghosts made from wires and gauze, and painted corpses. Most of these can be made at home with some help from the internet and DIY videos.

Do not forget to serve your guests some delicious Halloween-themed sweets and delicacies. Green apple spritzes, pumpkin caramel cupcakes, black-rice pudding, pastries with bat toppers, and carved pumpkin-shaped cookies are just perfect for your house party. Place a wreath of dried flowers and leaves on the door, and replace your regular doorbell with a shrill witchy laugh to get your Halloween party going.