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Fresh Wall Panelling Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

Blox Social
Posted on
Apr 1, 2023

How to give the accent wall a unique look? This is the one question most homeowners have when they set out to do their interiors. Tiles, textures, paints – there are many options to choose from, but nothing makes for a more striking yet cosy look than a wall panel. You can choose from wood, veneer, timber, ply, and several other materials to give your home that stunning look you have been dreaming about.

In addition, you can look up Instagram, Pinterest, and other sites for some great wood panelling ideas. Here are some of the top trending designs for the season.

  • Wainscoting for the win - If you are exploring wood panel designs for your home, wainscotting must be your first choice, or at least on top of your list. It is a very traditional style combining the best of design and woodwork but can offer a surprisingly large array of modern and stylish options for you to choose from. The key element to wainscoting is planning the panel layout and installing them to perfection. The stock boards can be wood or even wood-finish veneer. The best wainscoting panels, however, are the ones that use a combination of woods or paint to highlight the play of light on the wall.
  • Bars and beams - There is a reason old western movies and cowboy flicks feature wood taverns with wood panel ceilings and exposed beams. There is something definitely warm, earthy, and rustic about the bar and beam assembly that makes these panels a timeless classic. Getting your study wall done in the same style with vertical beams can offer a unique set of possibilities from the decor standpoint. You can experiment with curved beams or crisscross them to add a unique design. Apart from a rustic ambience, these wall panels are also reminiscent of traditional Indian homes.
  • Timber batten walls – Batten wall panels can look stunning if done right. Extending the battens from the ceiling, going for the partition wall look, using them on curved walls - the options are nearly limitless. Timber batten walls are a great option for your living room or home theatre, where you can easily mount a large display unit. They are also a good look for half walls that separate the living and dining area. The availability of click-in batten walls makes them very easy to install, at least compared to other wall panelling options.
  • Cut-out wood panels or windows – Remember the brightly painted wood panel windows that remind us of old, stately colonial homes? The majesty and sophistication of these windows can be recreated by cut-out wood panels installed into exposed brick walls or even regular accent walls. Cut-out wood panels can be classic or quirky and whimsical – all you need is a little bit of creativity to add a pop to your wall design. Better yet, use an antique reclaimed window from an old building. Wall decor for 2/3 BHK apartments just got a lot more elegant!
  • Mix it up – Wood panelling does not have to be boring or monotonous. Some trending wall panelling designs by celebrity interior designers feature a mix-and-match approach with wood panel walls and cabinets with marble or granite countertops, exposed brick accents and steel railings or fixtures. This technique of mixing materials works best for kitchens and dining areas and offers a very unique but versatile look when done right. It also offers the ability to bind several colours and textures together seamlessly to create an interesting space.
  • White picket fence – The dream of the house with the white picket fence is one that brings memories of childhood and just the right touch of magic. Now you can recreate it right in your living room with a wood panel wall painted eggshell white or cream. Add decoupage designs to give it an English summer vibe, or do up the rest of the room with wicker and wood furniture and décor for a cottage feel. Another idea that works well is installing a picket fence along the bottom of the wall and installing a garden or meadow-theme wallpaper in the background.

Final Thoughts

Wood panel designs are beautiful, budget-friendly, and easy to maintain. They also offer a great deal of versatility when it comes to blending with other materials. It is important to understand the schematics of your interiors before you settle on the right design. A small apartment can do well with white wood panels that reflect light and open up the space. A larger area may need the warmth of wooden panel wainscoting to feel more welcoming. Working with an interior designer who is experienced in wood panel designs is a good idea. Explore options and pick furniture and fixtures that will complement and not upstage the wall panel. Hopefully, this blog has served its purpose of giving you an insight into design ideas regarding fresh wall panelling.