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Ghatkopar East VS Ghatkopar West: Which Is a Better Investment Choice?

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Posted on
Mar 13, 2023

When you set out to buy a property in Mumbai, the very first question you will need to answer is about the locality. This will determine your work commute, the availability of markets, medical facilities, schools and educational institutions, and your lifestyle. More importantly, making a wise choice regarding the location of your home will determine the rate at which your property value appreciates. SoBo has been the residential market of choice over the past decades, but the emergence of Mumbai’s suburbs has made a huge difference in the real estate landscape of the city. So, if you are looking at flats for sale in Ghatkopar, read on.

East is East

The divide between the east and West is not only a global phenomenon. The rivalry between the eastern and western suburbs is subtle but ever-present in Mumbai, particularly when you are looking to invest in residential apartments and real estate. Those looking for younger, more dynamic, and affordable options should focus on the eastern suburb of Ghatkopar as a great investment destination. Vibrant, enterprising, and well-connected, Ghatkopar has caught the eye of some of the city’s top developers. Let’s take a look at the eastern or western parts of this suburb and see which is a better investment choice.

A Look At Connectivity

Ghatkopar East is well-connected to areas like Kamraj Nagar, Pantnagar, Nath Pai Nagar and Garodia Nagar. At the same time, the western part of the suburb has excellent connectivity to Juhu, Khar, and Santa Cruz. In fact, one of the reasons the suburb as a whole has gained popularity is its excellent connectivity.

Eastern Express Highway runs along the eastern fringes of Ghatkopar East, while the arterial Lal Bahadur Shastri Road runs through Ghatkopar West. Both parts of the suburb are served by the Link Road and the Ghatkopar Railway Station, which is located in the eastern section. The Ghatkopar Metro Station is located in the West, but the suburban station serves the entire suburb. Both regions have excellent transport connections with commercial hubs such as Kurla, BKC, Versova, and Saki Naka.

A Matter of Development

The one advantage that Ghatkopar East has over the West is the highly developed urban infrastructure. The roads are wider, and this part is located at a slight elevation. As a result, residents face lesser challenges like waterlogging. The western part of the suburb, however, is quickly catching up. The social fabric in this part of Ghatkopar is culturally diverse and more vibrant. 

Ghatkopar East has great shopping centres like R Odeon Mall and Neelyog Square Mall and colleges like KJ Somaiya College. The western side of the suburb has several shopping arcades that the younger crowd prefer. 

Property and Investment

While most of us consider buying a residential property a very emotional decision, it is undoubtedly one of the most important financial decisions you shall make. This makes it important to consider the value appreciation of your property. Property prices in Ghatkopar East are higher than in Ghatkopar West. Average property prices in Ghatkopar East were pegged at INR 20000 per sq. ft by 2022 end, nearly double that of 2010 property rates. Ghatkopar West, having undergone more rapid development in the past few years, has witnessed a rate hike from INR 8000 per sq. ft in 2010 to INR 18000 in 2022. Rental incomes in both parts of the suburb have shown similar returns, with young professionals and entrepreneurs favouring the east and families favouring the West.

Making the Right Pick

Looking closely, both Ghatkopar East and Ghatkopar West are excellent investment choices, but you must make the pick that resonates with your needs and requirements. The one differentiator that has been debated most is the pronounced development of the eastern part over the West. It is important to understand that Ghatkopar East is an older settlement, and the state and municipal investment in infrastructure has put the western section on a growth trajectory. With more business enterprises moving in, residential projects are mushrooming, and the demand for residential property, too, is on an upswing. And with good interlinking connectivity, both east and west Ghatkopar share resources.

The Best at Blox

We at Blox endeavour to make your home search easy by bringing you RERA-verified properties from developers with a track record for delivering high-quality projects on time. There are several under-construction and ready-to-move-in apartment and project listings in East and West Ghatkopar from developers such as VUB Group, HPA Spaces, Rajshree Builders, Bhoomi Group, Akshay Group, and JVM Spaces.

Find flats for sale in Ghatkopar within your budget and with all the amenities you want right from the comfort of your home. Buy your dream property in seven clicks. Now that is the truly a smart way to invest in real estate!

  • Which area is better Ghatkopar East or West?

Choosing between Ghatkopar East and Ghatkopar West depends on individual preferences. Ghatkopar East offers proximity to the Eastern Express Highway and a well-developed infrastructure. Ghatkopar West is closer to the Western Express Highway and has established residential areas. Consider factors like proximity to work, amenities, and connectivity before making a decision.

Is Ghatkopar West a posh area?

Ghatkopar West is considered a relatively upscale and well-established residential area in Mumbai. It offers a mix of older and newer developments, along with a range of amenities and facilities. The locality boasts a good infrastructure, with shopping malls, markets, restaurants, and entertainment options in close proximity.

What is the rate of flat in Ghatkopar West?

The average rate of property in Ghatkopar west is Rs 19,056 per sq ft.

What is the Rate of flat in Ghatkopar East?

The average rate of property in Ghatkopar east is Rs 21,661 per sq ft.

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