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Give Your Balcony an Aesthetic Look With Following Glass Railing Designs

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Posted on
Oct 29, 2023

Owning a flat or an apartment, especially in a big city like Mumbai, is a great accomplishment, both personally and financially. However, the lack of natural light is a common challenge most homeowners face. Therefore, homeowners are always searching for design solutions that not only enhance the aesthetics of their homes but also provide better functionality and ample natural light during the day. In this regard, glass railings prove to be an ideal solution for balconies as they replace the concrete parapet walls. Before investing in them, let us look at some points you must know about balcony glass railing designs.

Which type of glass is best for balcony railings?

Apart from allowing natural light to enter the home, glass balcony railings in most buildings have two essential functions - to keep people from falling and to control movement in this restricted space. The choice of glass for the railing must match up to these two functionalities. Tempered glass, laminate glass, acrylic sheets, and plexiglass are among the choices that homeowners can pick from these days. While making a choice, it is essential to select the highest quality glass sheet and fixtures that you can afford, as this is an important safety feature in your home.

Balcony glass railing designs 

  • Full-height railings - Full-height railings are full-length glasses that are installed from floor to ceiling. While these are commonly used in a conference room or cabin setting, they can also be used for canopied balcony decks and patio spaces. They allow maximum natural light but restrict airflow.
  • Framed railings with glass infill - Steel or aluminium frames with glass infills often replace parapet walls in modern homes and offices. They allow for the open balcony experience while supporting the glass wall. The glass design, frosting, and carvings add to the beauty of the glass wall without compromising on the safety aspect. Depending on the design, the metal frame can be used on top and/or bottom or all four edges.
  • Glass railings without frames – A frameless glass railing can be a single sheet of glass or several panes fitted together without a metal frame to support them. These panes are firmly fixed to the concrete bottom of the wall and supported by handrails on top. Frameless glass railings without handrails are typically avoided in homes.
  • Railings with glass brackets - In this balcony glass railing design, a metal bracket is fixed to the concrete or wooden flooring, and the glass panes are fixed to the bracket. They typically provide more support than the frameless glass railings and are preferred by home designers and architects because they are easy to install.

Things to consider when installing glass railings

Glass railings are ideal for both commercial and residential buildings. However, the design, materials used, and codes may vary depending on the type of construction.

  • It is important to remember that the gap between frames and the gap between the glass railings and the flooring should be minimal to avoid the risk of falls and slippage, particularly in homes with young children. The gap between the infills or the railing and the floor should not exceed 10 cm. 
  • Glass railings are easy to maintain but require regular inspection and must be repaired as soon as any damage is detected. 
  • Transparent glass railings are low in privacy, but frosted or designed panes can allow natural light while maintaining the home's privacy.
  • Glass railings are also perfect for balconies with potted plants, allowing the greenery to grow in sunlight and warmth.
  • Safety and protection are the most important factors when installing glass railings. Ensuring that the finished railing should be devoid of projecting details or jagged edges is essential.


Glass balconies look beautiful and elegant and add to the aesthetics of both the exterior facade and the home interiors. Most home designers are incorporating glass railing designs because they offer the same support and safety as concrete parapet walls while optimising the natural light that enters the apartment.

If you are not sure about the type of glass, the design, or the safety of the glass railings, it is a good idea to consult an architect or an interior design expert and invest after careful consideration.