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Gleaming Marble Elegance: a Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Marble

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Posted on
Nov 27, 2023

Marble floors are timeless and make a home appear more graceful. However, with the passage of time, marble floors begin to lose their sheen. Unlike many other forms of flooring, marble is vulnerable to stains, and a soiled floor significantly diminishes the beauty of a home. So, if your marble flooring is losing its lustrous look, you can make it look radiant with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Not sure how to do it? Worry not, in this article, we will simplify the process of how to clean marble floors

Immediately wipe off the spills and dust

The floor is one of the most frequently utilised parts of a home. From dirt, dust and grime, to food and beverage spills, there is so much that your marble floor has to endure. When not cleaned right away, the dust coupled with spills turn into stains which are either difficult to clean or leave a permanent mark on the floor. You cannot avoid spills on the floor and dust from entering the home. But you can take preventive measures by immediately wiping it off with a clean cloth or sponge. This will hardly take a few minutes and will keep your marble floor free of stains.

The right cleaning technique 

To make your marble floor look sparkling, it is necessary to follow the right cleaning technique. Over the course of a day, the floor attracts a lot of dirt and food spills. Some dust is clearly visible, while some can be hidden behind doors. So begin the process by wiping off the dust from the floor with a broom or dry cloth. Remember to clean all areas, which includes the corners, the space behind doors, and beneath furniture. Marble is a delicate material. So use only a microfibre cloth or broom with soft bristles. Avoid using a cloth with rough edges as it may leave scratch marks on the floor.

Stains and dirt marks are not just difficult to clean, they also give an unpleasant appearance to the floor. To remove stains, prepare a mixture of warm water and dish soap. Moisten a clean cloth with the mixture and rub it on the marble floor’s stained areas. Water entering the pores can ruin the marble floor. So use a damp cloth and not one dripping with water.

Once the cleaning has been thoroughly done, use a dry cloth to wipe off the water. If water is allowed to remain on the floor, it may leave marks, rendering the entire cleaning process ineffective.

Sealing marble floors

Unlike floors made of other materials, marble floors are porous and can get easily stained. Sealing will provide a protective cover to the marble floor and will keep it safe from stains caused by food and liquid spills. Seal is a temporary solution and can wear off with time. That is why it is necessary to undertake the process once or twice a year. Despite a seal, a marble floor can still attract dirt and germs. However, the cleaning process will be much easier with a protective cover over the marble floor. 

Use doormats

Most dirt is carried into the home by soiled shoes. Place door mats at the entrance so that the family members or visitors can wipe off dirt from their shoes before entering the home. Moreover, placing rugs and carpets in the living room and bedrooms will protect the floor from dust. Nevertheless, make sure that you clean the area beneath the carpets once or twice a month.


Over a period of time, marble floors get dull. Faded floors ruin a home’s appeal. In addition, they also leave a negative impact on your guests. But you can restore a floor’s beauty by getting it polished. Besides enhancing the home’s aesthetic appeal, polish makes the floor durable, smooth, hygienic, and increases the property’s value. But polishing is a complex task which specialists should perform.


Homeowners worldwide prefer marble floors because they ooze sophistication. However, they are expensive and can get damaged easily. So it becomes imperative to regularly clean and maintain the floor. Regular maintenance along with employing the right techniques and using marble-friendly products will enhance the floor’s longevity, besides adding to its shine. Hopefully our guide on how to clean marble floors has made it easier for you to restore shine to your floor.