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Govinda's Mansion: A Bollywood Icon's Architectural Masterpiece

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Posted on
Sep 28, 2023

Govinda is one of the most famous Indian celebrities and has a huge fan following. The iconic Bollywood star is known for his great acting and dancing skills, as well as his impeachable comic timing. In addition to being a popular actor, he also served as a Member of the Parliament from 2004 to 2009. Govinda’s rise to stardom was fraught with various difficulties and challenges, yet his success has been inspiring many newcomers in the industry.

Govinda lives with his wife and children and other members of his family in a two-storied bungalow in Juhu. The house is named Jal Darshan, and rightfully so as it offers some of the most mesmerising views of the Arabian Sea. Govinda’s house is located close to the homes of other famous Bollywood celebrities like Ajay Devgan house , Anupam Kher, Anil Kapoor house, Shakti Kapoor, Hema Malini, and Raveena Tandon.

Let's take a closer look at Govinda’s mansion look at Govinda's mansion to understand the taste and lifestyle of this versatile actor, who has made people laugh and cry with his acting skills.

Location of Jal Darshan

Govinda's house is located on Juhu Beach, an area favoured by many celebrities for its scenic beauty. Its entry faces the bustling Gandhi Gram Road located near Ruhiya Park. The area is known for its skyrocketing property prices, and Govinda's house is priced at around 16 crores. For someone who was born and brought up in the North Mumbai suburb of Virar, living in a lavish bungalow in one of the most expensive residential areas of the country is definitely a matter of pride.   

Structure of the House

Govinda’s mansion has been designed in such a manner that it faces the beautiful Arabian Sea. It has several windows, a majority of which are sea-facing. This ensures that the cool breeze from the sea flows freely into the house to maintain a fresh and relaxing vibe. The house also features several lavish balconies that overlook the beautiful and well-maintained green gardens. The terrace of Govinda’s house provides a grand view of the Mumbai city. All these structural features help in creating a positive and calming ambience that is cherished by the actor and his family.

Interior Décor of the House

The interior decor of Govinda's house is extremely elegant and tasteful. The walls have been decorated with various pictures and different types of artefacts. Several antiques and ancient sculptures are also strategically placed around the house to enhance its beauty. The presence of high-quality and sophisticated items of furniture further adds to the elegance of the interiors. Most importantly, the decor is complemented by the various aesthetic elements that provide a graceful yet cosy appeal to the interiors of the house.

The Puja Room in the House

Govinda is a devoted Hindu, and he is a great worshipper of Lord Ganesha. Hence it is not surprising that there is a peaceful puja room in the house featuring a large statue of Lord Ganesha. This is in addition to the dedicated Puja room that he has built inside the house. Govinda offers prayers to different Gods and Goddesses in this room almost every day. He and his family also perform special puja in the room on various festivals and religious occasions with great devotion.

Kitchen, Drawing Room & Bedrooms

The kitchen in Govinda's house is equipped with all the modern appliances and devices. It is extremely spacious and is designed to enhance the convenience of the people working here. The drawing room features comfortable seating options that are also extremely stylish. The floor of the house is covered in luxurious marble, which gives it a glass-like smoothness and shine. The house features multiple bedrooms, each of which is tastefully decorated with carefully selected pictures and wall art. Every bedroom has attached balconies that offer a stunning view of Juhu Beach.

A Separate Room for Accessories

Govinda is renowned for his unique sense of style, which is achieved through a combination of colourful clothing and accessories. Hence, it is not surprising that his house features a separate room for storing all his clothing items and accessories. His collection of a wide range of unique and branded shoes, watches, ties, and sunglasses are carefully stored in this room.

Final Thoughts

Govinda's mansion is as elegant and stylish as the man himself. It reflects the time and effort that he and his wife have invested in turning the building into their dream home.