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Hidden Gems in Thane Exploring Lesser-Known Places to Visit in this Picturesque City

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Posted on
Nov 24, 2023

India, with its rich tapestry of hidden treasures, often draws us to the enchanting allure of well-known destinations such as Goa, Jaipur, or Kerala. But, concealed within the shadow of Mumbai's gleaming glamour lies Thane – a city that embraces serenity, harbours hidden gems, and possesses a unique character all its own. 

Let us uncover the lesser-known treasures of Thane and unravel the secrets of this picturesque city.

Top places to visit in Thane

  1. Masunda Lake (Talao Pali) 

Masunda Lake, affectionately known as Talao Pali, is an urban oasis amidst the bustling city and one of the top places to visit in Thane. Lush greenery encircles the lake while colourful boats dot the water, waiting for visitors to embark on a leisurely boat ride. A serene evening walk along the lake's periphery provides solace for those seeking respite from urban chaos. Don't forget to feed the fish, as it is a simple yet joyful activity that engages visitors of all ages. A diverse array of food stalls beckons along the lake's promenade, offering an opportunity to savour local street food, immersing yourself in the city's culinary delights.

  1. Upvan Lake 

Tucked away amidst the cradle of Yeoor Hills, Upvan Lake is a natural haven that beckons those seeking a respite from the urban rush. The surrounding lush greenery, well-kept walking trails, and the glistening, unpolluted waters of Upvan Lake make it an ideal location for picnics and birdwatching. The lake also doubles as a cultural hub, hosting events that enhance its allure. An evening spent here is a promise of tranquillity, where the soothing whispers of nature replace the cacophony of the city.

  1. Ambreshwar Shiva Temple 

For those with a fascination for history and a yearning for spiritual enlightenment, the Ambreshwar Shiva Temple offers a journey back in time. This ancient temple, shrouded within the dense forests of Ambernath, boasts a history that spans over a millennium. What sets this temple apart is its unique feature – half of it is submerged beneath the waters of the river Waldhuni. This submerged architecture creates an atmosphere that is nothing short of enchanting and mystical. Visitors are entranced by the temple's intricate carvings and architectural elegance, making it a spiritual pilgrimage that transcends time itself.

  1. Chena Creek 

Chena Creek is a call to the adventurous and nature enthusiasts alike. Nestled on the outskirts of Thane, this hidden gem offers a range of activities, from thrilling kayaking and river rafting to trekking through lush, green landscapes. The gushing creek waters, surrounded by nature's bounty, provide a canvas for outdoor adventures that cater to both beginners and seasoned adventurers. Whether you're paddling down the creek or exploring the wilderness, Chena Creek beckons with the promise of memorable experiences.

  1. St. John the Baptist Church 

Thane's historical legacy extends to architectural wonders, and the St. John the Baptist Church is a testament to that. This magnificent church, built in the 16th century by the Portuguese, is a splendid example of Portuguese and English Gothic architecture. Nestled in the heart of the city, it offers a serene sanctuary within its hallowed walls. Whether you seek historical insight or a tranquil place for reflection, the St. John the Baptist Church stands as a hidden gem, ready to impart its soothing embrace.

  1. Sargam Water Park 

For families seeking a day of boundless joy, the Sargam Water Park is a perfect destination. Set amidst nature's embrace, this hidden gem offers a thrilling array of water rides and activities suitable for children and adults alike. From heart-pounding water slides to a lazy river that meanders through lush surroundings, the park ensures respite from the scorching summer heat. As the day unfolds, the on-site restaurant invites visitors to indulge in delectable culinary delights, rounding off a day of amusement.

  1. Ghodbunder Fort 

Ghodbunder Fort, known as Vasai Fort, offers a portal to Thane's historical past. Dating back to the 12th century, this well-preserved fort stands on expansive grounds, bearing witness to its role in the region's history. As you traverse its weathered walls, climb its watchtowers, and revel in panoramic views, you are transported to a bygone era where the echoes of the past harmoniously coexist with the present.

  1. Kelwa Beach 

While Juhu Beach in Mumbai garners much attention, Thane boasts its own hidden gem for beach enthusiasts - Kelwa Beach. A short drive from Thane, this serene beach offers a quieter alternative to the bustling shores of Mumbai. The clean shoreline and gentle waves invite leisurely strolls, sandcastle building, or simply basking in the coastal ambience. Beachside shacks serve up delectable local seafood, allowing you to savour the complete coastal experience.

  1. Bassein Fort 

Nestled in the Vasai-Virar region, Bassein Fort is a historical masterpiece, tracing its history back to the 12th century when it was constructed by the Portuguese. This well-preserved fort offers grand churches, watchtowers, and massive gates that echo tales of a bygone era. Exploring the fort grants history enthusiasts and photographers a chance to immerse themselves in its grandeur, where the past intertwines with the present in a compelling display of historical continuity.

  1. Tansa Lake 

Tansa Lake, a hidden treasure that also serves as a vital water source for the city, offers a serene escape from urban life. Surrounded by lush forests and rolling hills, the lake is an ideal setting for a day of tranquillity and relaxation. It's a popular destination for birdwatching, particularly during the winter months when migratory birds visit. Whether you choose to have a peaceful picnic, take a leisurely walk, or immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, Tansa Lake is a delightful retreat.

  1. Ghodbunder Road Thane 

Ghodbunder Road, situated in the north-western part of Thane, is emerging as a bustling commercial and residential hub with a rich historical background. The road derives its name from the ancient Ghodbunder Fort, a place where horses were traded during the Portuguese era. Today, it is a vibrant hub of malls, restaurants, and bustling markets, making it a shopper's paradise. As you stroll along Ghodbunder Road, you will witness a harmonious blend of old and new, where modernity coexists with remnants of the past. Don't forget to sample the diverse cuisine at the local restaurants, which range from street food to fine dining, offering a culinary journey through the heart of Thane.

In conclusion, Thane's hidden gems form great experiences that cater to a wide array of interests. From tranquil lakes and ancient temples to historical forts and adventurous creeks, places to visit in Thane ensure that travellers find something that resonates with their curiosity. For those seeking a destination that skilfully interlaces history, nature, spirituality, and adventure, Thane's hidden treasures await your discovery during your next visit to Mumbai. In doing so, you will be pleasantly surprised by the enchantments of this picturesque city.