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How to Select Best Design For Bungalow House

Blox Social
Posted on
Oct 19, 2023

Bungalows are independent homes which can be designed in several styles as per the owner’s preferences. Bungalows are coveted properties due to the space, flexibility, freedom, and exclusivity that they offer. When it comes to the design for bungalow houses, there are several choices available, right from Spanish and Scandinavian styles to more classic or contemporary layouts. Here’s looking at some of these design options in this article. 

Design for Bungalow House- Top Ideas

Here are some ideas worth considering for a design for bungalow houses. 

  1. Modern Design Templates- This design is characterised by symmetrical, sleek and cleaner appearances. It makes use of several materials while fusing concrete and natural materials elegantly. Wooden frames, stone, glass windows and doors, parapets made of metal and many other adornments can be used to complete the look. 
  2. Chicago Bungalow Design- These designs are practical and functional while being simple and attractive at the same time. The exteriors mainly use brick walls, while there are stairs leading up to the entrance and porch in some cases. Rectangular in shape, these bungalows have appealing interiors with the kitchen placed in one part of the property and the sleeping areas in another. Big basements and attics are also included in these plans along with patios that face the street. Some other elements include interior ceramic tiles, decorated tiles for the roof, multi-paned doors and brick facades. 
  3. Haveli-Style Bungalow Design- This design for bungalow houses is hugely popular in several parts of India. It makes use of traditional Rajasthani motifs including courtyards that ensure better ventilation and access to sunlight along with Jharokhas which safeguard the household from the heat. Other elements of this design include patterned floors, regal chandeliers, ornamental pillars and period-style furniture. 
  4. Mid-Century Modern Bungalow Design- This design template takes inspiration from popular layouts of the 20th century. Minimalistic and structured lines characterise this design along with asymmetrical roofs and manicured outdoors, complete with stone pathways. There are wider windows that also function as walls while blending neatly with the exterior stones and potted plants. There are also porch seats and fencing around the home. 
  5. Scandinavian Bungalow Design- Scandinavian bungalows come with impeccable usage of texture and maximum space utilisation. These bungalows have sharper lines along with black exteriors for trapping heat in colder climates. Door frames with glass and big windows seamlessly merge the interiors and exteriors in these designs. 
  6. Georgian Bungalow Designs- These designs are balanced and focus more on durability. These homes come with symmetrical appearances along with neat placements of their windows and doors. They are majorly crafted from stucco, stone and brick with higher rooftops. Entrances may come with stucco arches at ties. 
  7. Uphill Plot Bungalow Design- A proper strategy is necessary while building a bungalow on an uphill plot. Since the evenness of the plot is not something that you can count on, the planning should be on point. The home should be built over a small mount, with a staircase leading to the main entrance. The side slope can become the garage while the roof of the structure can turn into a ground floor extended balcony. The slopes can be used as green patches for a better look and feel as well. 
  8. Exposed Brick Bungalow Design- These are sustainable and environment-friendly designs that make use of exposed brick walls for a unique look. Patterned lattice work and concrete finishes are also key components of these designs. Each floor is a little smaller than the floor above it and this enables the patterned look that these homes are known for. 
  9. Spanish Bungalow Designs- Spanish-styled bungalows come with some special features that are inspired by colonial-era architecture. They come with simpler design lines and plain facades along with curves, arches, longer chimneys and wooden beams and supports. There are white and thick stucco walls along with barrel roof tiles alongside. 

These are some of the popular bungalow design styles that can be chosen by homeowners. Each of these designs comes with special features and benefits that should be noted carefully. You should compare them extensively before making a final decision. Here’s to building a bungalow that will stand out for its aesthetics and intelligent construction!