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Illuminating Ambiance: Room Wall Lights to Transform Your Space

Blox Social
Posted on
Sep 19, 2023

Gone are the days when wall lights used to be plain looking bulbs or tube lights. Recent years have seen wall lights transforming into exquisite accessories that are adding to the aesthetic appeal of a home. Now-a-days room wall lights come in various hues and forms ranging from the retro-style wall lights to the wall-mounted vanity lights. Wall lights are no longer only a light emitting component. They have emerged as decorative items providing a magical touch to any decor or ambiance. So if you are planning on revamping your home, wall light are one of the accessories that you must pay particular attention to.

Let us explore a few room wall lights that will help you give a unique and stunning look to your home interiors. 

Lantern wall lights

In days gone by, oil lanterns were the main form of lighting. However, with the passage of time, they were replaced by bulbs and tube lights and finally the LED lights. You can give your room a stunning look by amalgamating the home’s contemporary appeal with the traditional look of wall lantern lights. Wall lanterns come in various designs and you can choose the one that resonates with a particular era. Unlike traditional lanterns, modern designs are much safer because they use LED lights.

Wall sconces 

Traditionally, wall sconces were used to hold candles to brighten up the rooms. Today, wall scones have taken up a new avatar and have become more decorative. Wall sconces are often used in pairs and range from the traditional to the contemporary. You can install them in your bedroom or living room to lighten up the area, or to shed more light on particular spots like paintings or pictures. You can opt for a variety of colours and lighting shades like ambient or accent lighting. 

Up and down lights

Up and down lights can effectively throw light even in the darkest corners of the room. Up and down room wall lights are installed on a fixture with one pointing skywards while the other points down at the floor. Unlike ordinary lighting fixtures, up and down lights can spread light evenly across the entire room including ceilings and the floors. These lights will offer brilliant illumination in your bedroom, but you can also use them to light up other areas like the living room, hallways and even your kitchen which requires a lot of lighting.

Picture lights 

Unlike regular lights, picture room wall lights are not meant to illuminate the room. Their purpose is to illuminate only a focus area like a photograph or an art work hanging on the wall. Nevertheless, picture lights are amongst the most aesthetically pleasing types of lights and are a must-have accessory in every home. They are particularly beneficial for those who have a string of artworks lining up the walls of a hallway or gallery. Besides outlining the details of the artwork, picture lights also create an ethereal indoor ambiance. 

Recessed lights

Recessed lights are ideal for those who want to give a sleek appearance to their interiors. Recessed lights are fitted either into the walls or the ceiling. Instead of jutting out like other types of lights, these lights elegantly gel with the wall or ceiling making the walls look smooth. Since the electrical wiring is concealed, the room appears much tidier. These lights are also long-lasting. Recessed room wall lights are a fine way to brighten up the space and elevate your mood. 

Flush-mount wall lights 

Flush-mount wall lights are elegant fixtures that seamlessly gel with your room’s decor. These types of lights are installed against the wall. The distance between the lightning fixture and the wall is minimal. Flush-mount wall lights come in various styles ranging from the circular to the rectangular and the oval shaped. These beautifully crafted light fixtures are also easy to clean. You can choose a retro style flush-mount wall light or a modern one depending upon your preferences and your home’s decor. 


When it comes to the varieties and designs of room wall lights, the choice is endless. What kind of setting you want to give to your home depends on your preferences. Wall lights are one of the most important accessories and can give a totally new look to any kind of home, be it an apartment or a villa. However, you need to choose lighting fixtures that match your home’s design and architecture.