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Inside Shark Tank Judge Ghazal Alagh's Luxurious House

Blox Social
Posted on
Jul 29, 2023

In a country where women struggle to find adequate representation in the workforce, Ghazal Alagh is an inspiration. As an angel investor and judge, she inspired millions of Indian women to become entrepreneurs. Ghazal co-founded the all-natural beauty care brand Mama Earth and the famous skincare brand The Derma Co.  Let us take a virtual tour of her luxurious duplex house in Chandigarh.

The Zen Garden

The Zen Garden on the terrace of Ghazal Alagh’s house is perhaps the best feature of this duplex villa. The contrasting white and green marble tiles create an interesting pattern. The pillars are fitted with marble tiles and wooden boards. The beauty of this garden, however, is the abundance of potted plants. Some are placed on the floor, some grow out of planters placed on ledges, and some on metallic planter racks. This terrace garden is a visual treat and seems to be one of Ghazal’s favourite places to click pictures for her social media posts. 

Classy Interiors

The living space in this vibrant home is both classy and sophisticated. The pastel colour scheme adds elegance to the space. The L-shaped sofa is a soft grey with matching cushions. The window dressings steal the show. The large glass windows with dark wooden frames have block-printed cream and beige pull-down drapes but also have matching solid beige drapes for light control. The imposing marble-top coffee table matches the marble-tiled floors perfectly.  Beautifully framed family photographs and pictures of memorable occasions adorn the walls of this opulent home.

The Home Office

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, Ghazal Alagh and her husband, Varun Alagh, worked from home. This space is more formal than the rest of the home and has comfortable leather seating in beige and mustard shades. The Mama Earth co-founder is very fond of reading and has a library in her home office. The books are mounted on open wooden shelves with asymmetric designs. Like the rest of Ghazal Alagh's house, this space, too, has a preponderance of wood, and the light-coloured work table has very few decor items. The focus of Varun and Ghazal is to keep the space from distracting them and managing to shut out the noises when they work here.

Wine And Dine

The dining space and the bar cabinet in this house deserve special mention. The marble-top dining table and contrasting dark wood chairs, the light wood and glass crockery cabinet, and the minimalistic decor suggest that Ghazal has taken a personal interest in picking out individual furniture pieces and likes her space clutter-free. Like most Mama Earth products, you will find nature-friendly and ergonomic materials used in every corner of this beautiful home. The well-stocked bar cabinet fully utilises the L-shaped dead area of the kitchen, adding to its beauty. 

Homely Home

The bedrooms in this sprawling duplex apartment are warm and cosy and have a lived-in ambience to them. The wood-panelled console with a mounted TV unit, wooden cupboards and closets, and the large wooden bed makes this space feel intimate and wonderfully comfortable. As seen in many of her Mama Earth product posts, Ghazal Alagh’s home bathrooms are large with toughened glass shower cubicles.  

Festive Fun

Some of the best pictures of Ghazal Alagh's house that you will find online are of her celebrating festive occasions with her family. Despite the luxurious interiors and the sophisticated lifestyle, Ghazal and her family are pretty simple in their lifestyle and love lighting lamps or diyas in and around the household. The dark marble tiles of the entrance foyer are in sharp contrast with these beautiful lamps, and these pictures also reveal the entrepreneur's love of decorating her home with floor-level decor items such as metal bowls. She has a beautiful collection of indigenous durees and rugs instead of carpets, contrasting with the marble flooring in some parts of the home. This home has undoubtedly received much personal attention, and the design and décor perfectly suit the joy and exuberance of the residents. 

Not only is Ghazal Alagh’s residence the epitome of luxury and sophistication, but it is also a dedication to eco-friendly living and joyous co-existence with Mother Nature. It enshrines all the values that Varun and Ghazal espouse in their business endeavours.