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Inside Yash Chopra's Iconic Residence: A Glimpse into Bollywood's Legendary Filmmaker's Home

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Posted on
Sep 16, 2023

Yash Chopra was an iconic filmmaker in Indian cinema known for his romantic and timeless classics. Beyond his cinematic brill­iance, he left behind a remar­kable residence that reflects his success and opulence. Yash Chopra house is located in the prest­igious Juhu locality of Mumbai and his house is a testament to his legacy. It is a magni­ficent mansion embodying achiev­ement, luxury, and artistic creat­ivity. In this post, we will explore the key attractions inside the Yash Chopra lavish home.

Yash Chopra House: Key Facts about the Bollywood's Legendary Filmmaker's Residence

House Name: Yash Chopra Grand Mansion

Location: Juhu, Mumbai

Yash Chopra's House Area: 25,000 sq ft

House Price: Rs 183 crore 

Other Key Attractions: Lush Gardens, Artistic Interiors, and a Legacy of Cinematic Brilliance

Key attraction inside the Yash Chopra's House

Architectural Elegance

The Yash Chopra house showcases archit­ectural excel­lence through a combi­nation of modern aesthetic and classic elements, creating a timeless appeal. Its imposing facade blends European and contem­porary archit­ectural styles, while the primary use of white colour gives it a pristine and regal appearance.

The Grand Entrance

The entrance of Yash Chopra house perfectly reflects his esteemed position in the film industry. The magni­ficent gates open up to a long driveway that leads to an impre­ssive mansion. The exterior design seaml­essly combines contem­porary and tradi­tional archit­ectural elements, creating an atmos­phere of pure luxury.

The Courtyard and Garden

Yash Chopra house is known for its stunning courtyard and garden. This well-ma­nicured oasis stands out amid the bustling city, offering a serene escape. The park has various plants, trees, and vibrant flower beds, creating a pictu­resque atmos­phere. Adding to the overall beauty is a capti­vating fountain situated within the court­yard.

The Iconic Swing

The encha­nting swing in the garden of Yash Chopra house has become an iconic and recognisable feature. It has been captured in countless photographs and films, symbolising the perfect blend of tradition and luxury that characterises the mansion.

The Terrace

Yash Chopra house boasts a peaceful terrace that offers a serene escape and breath­taking views. Complete with a barbecue area, and it sets the stage for delig­htful evenings of entert­ainment and gathe­rings. Surro­unded by lush greenery, it provides a welcome sanctuary from the bustling city life of Mumbai.

The Living Spaces

Yash Chopra house features multiple living areas, each meticu­lously designed with its unique theme and purpose. Throughout these spaces, you can see the direc­tor's love for filmm­aking as they are decorated with carefully selected artefacts and set pieces from his memorable films. These living areas combine comfort and style seaml­essly, offering a tranquil retreat for relax­ation and creative inspir­ation.

The Interior of the House

Yash Chopra house exudes sophist­ication and elegance. The walls are adorned with neutral colours, casting a subtle yet refined aura. The furni­ture, crafted from wood and leather, adds warmth and character to the rooms. Sunlight streams through the expansive windows, filling the spaces with tranquillity and serenity. Moreover, the spacious dining area is ideal for hosting guestsan embod­iment of Yash Chopra's renowned hospita­lity.

The Kitchen

Yash Chopra, renowned for his excep­tional filmm­aking, also deeply loved culinary arts. Within the confines of his residence lies a gener­ously propor­tioned and fully-e­quipped kitchen that reflects his profound passion for food and hosting guests. The modern appli­ances seaml­essly integrate into the sleek count­ertops and cabinets, making this kitchen the focal point of the home. 

The Personal Office

Yash Chopra, the renowned director, dedicated himself to his creative endeavours and maintained a personal office within his resid­ence. This private sanctuary was a hub for idea generation, meetings, and film production overseas. Adorning the walls were shelves decorated with an impre­ssive colle­ction of scripts, reference books, and awards - a testament to his unwav­ering dedic­ation and illus­trious career.


Yash Chopra house is more than a mere resid­ence; it embodies a master­piece, serving as both a tangible tribute to his remar­kable career and an unwav­ering source of inspi­ration for aspiring visio­naries in the cinematic realm. Situated in the heart of Juhu, this majestic mansion grace­fully reminds us that dreams can materialise into reality, unravelling success as splendid and capti­vating as the very films Yash Chopra craft­ed.

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